Africa with an Irish hint

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a flight to share with you:)

On Sunday May third, me and a couple of other members of EIVA flew the weekly leg of Wild Rover, Aer Lingus Virtual’s world tour. These screenshots are all from WR leg 22, headed to Addis Ababa from Moi International, with being in the air for about two hours. Here’s some information about the route.

Moi international is the airport of Kenya’s second largest city Mombasa, located in the west of the city. The airport is called “Moi international” after Kenya’s second president Daniel arap Moi, who retired in 2002 after 24 years of being in the office.
Moi international was built during the second world war by the Engineer Corps of South Africa. During the war, it was used by the Fleet Air Arm.
The airport became an international airport in 1979 when appropiate facilities were installed allowing accomodation for private and light- to medium-size commercial aircraft.
In August 1992, Moi Intl was used as the headquarters for the US Central Command’s, being utilised for the civil war in Somalia to end.
In the summer of 1994, Moi International Airport was frequently used as a refuelling stop for the military heading towards Rwanda to free refugees, but that’s a whole different and rather horrible story.

Information about Addis Ababa will be in the next post: Wild Rover leg 23 from Addis Ababa Bole to Jeddah…

Flight Details
General Information

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Livery: Aer Lingus 2019
Aircraft registration: EI-CVA
Route: HKMO - HAAB
Flight number: WR022(EIVA route)
Callsign: EIVA101
Flight time: 1:59
Distance: ± 820nm

Airport Information

Departure airport: HKMO (Moi Intl)
Departure runway: 21
Arrival airport: HAAB (Addis Ababa Bole Intl)
Arrival runway: 7R


Pushback: 1334Z
Takeoff: 1349Z
Landing: 1549Z
Shutdown: 1553Z


Starting/block fuel: 5851kgs - 20900lbs
Fuel used: 4989kgs - 11000lbs
Fuel remaining: 4490kgs - 9900lbs

Flight plan


Now, enough information, now it’s time for the pictures, hope you enjoy them!

Holding short of Moi Intl’s runway 21, with @AviatorJack’s engines roaring and his A320 lifts off, bound for Addis Ababa.

Minutes later, I’m passing over Mombasa, Ethiopia, with @Gary_Crinnion soaring out of HKMO, following the same flight plan .

An amazing wing view, overlooking Kenya’s northern plains, with the 2d clouds in sight, looking quite convincing from FL340.

Just moments later, there appeares a beautiful river delta.

Sun is going to set in Africa, cockpit is lighting up.

Sun has almost setted, with Ethiopia’s Highlands nicely in view, creating an amazing silhoutte of the A320

After a safe landing, I exit runway 7R, back taxi a bit of 7L, and there’s @Marc_Gallagher’s TBM showing me to the gates, thanks Marc:)

That wraps it up for this flight’s shots, I really hope you enjoyed, and, as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Stay safe and ever so healthy,


Absolutely beautiful and a little something different. Like it Rian.

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Thanks Jared, it was a pleasure flying this route. Really appreciate the support:)

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Fantastic pictures, especially number 2! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Julian! Many people do tend to like pictures like number two from my other screenshots, thanks again:)

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Great photos Rian, looked like a fun flight!

By the way, was this from a couple of days ago when I saw you on your iPad with some other Aer Lingus aircraft?

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Thanks Vinne, it sure was, just make sure you don’t tell anyone that we were messing around at the gates:)

Yet again another amazing post @Rian16

The wild rover is a fantastic even and it is always a pleasure to fly with you. Picture number 6 that sunset 👌🏻 10/10 🔥

Keep there posts coming please

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Thanks Gary! It really was a pleasure to fly WR, I certainly can’t wait until next week, and yes, I will have some more posts soon…

Thanks again:)

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These shots are sooooo good! I think we might be seeing the IFCs next big screenshotter here ;)

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Thanks so much, really appreciate it, I do try my best:)

Stay safe:)

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Great pictures! Also, I love how detailed the topic itself was. Keep it up!

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Always nice to see Kenya and Africa being featured. Great shots too 👍🏾

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Thanks so much, I really do like learning everything about where I fly to and from:)

Thanks! I hardly ever fly in Africa, it really was a treat and I sure will do it again.

Thanks guys for all the support:))))


brilliant VA, brilliant world tour, brilliant pics!

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Thanks Hugh:) Can’t wait to fly next leg soon…

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Can’t disagree there!

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Those are amazing Rian! Keep posting

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Thanks so much Noah! Can’t wait to post more…

thanks @JulianB


@Rian16… MaxSez: A bit of the Blarney there Rian’ O!.
Just I bit of a nip and a story Son of the Old Sod;

Back in the day flew to Moi ( Mooom Bassa) via Singapore/ Diego Garcia in a Marine 130 out of Okinawa and remained overnight. Hot, humid nite, bought an elephant hair bracelet from a ZULU in full regalia on the street which my bride of 60+ wares periodically. Following morning launched for a remote dirts strip near Mogadishu, Somali. landed short, Field look good on Approach, Black long and shinny.
Unfortunately the field was made of soft sand and the strip was oiled down with used motor oil. On touchdown the rear bogeys sunk to the hubs… We sang the “Go Around song alway home…
The life of a leprechaun can never compare to this true Irish folk tail, It’s True, I Remember well I wet my new Flight Suit!

Cheers, Max