Africa’s recognition

It’s been some months playing infinite flight and I believe Africa gets the least amount of traffic, surely a beautiful continent deserves more attention, the only traffic I’ve seen it get is at South Africa ever since Luanda became a 3D airport I’ve never seen it get controlled or any more than 8 arrivals. What exactly is the issue? Does no one like flying there or is IFTAC not giving it the attention it deserves.


I think the issue is, that we have a lack of liveries and a rather small African community. That’s why there’s less domestic traffic but also barely IFATC coverage sadly. I wish it would change because it’s my most favorite continent scenery wise

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As MxP said, it probably has todo with the lack of liverys, which is slowly but surely getting better since alle the new aircraft got African liverys.
However, because in the past there were no liverys or 3d airports, no one wanted to fly there. That’s why almost no IFATC wants to control there. Why control at an airport with maybe 5 ops per hour if you’re lucky, when you could control at airports with much higher traffic?
But again, as no atc is active there, not many pilots are tempted to fly there sadly… it’s a vicious cycle.
Another thing is that Africa is quite large so the major hubs are somewhat distant to each other, which makes short hops between hubs not really possible.

But I think it might get a bit better in the future as more and more Afican airlines and 3d airports are added. Would love to see that tbh since I also really love the scenery there :)

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