AFR447 easter egg aircraft at IF

Hi guys, I recently discovered something like an infinite flight easter egg.

Have you ever seen that an Airbus A330 aircraft with “factory” paint has the same prefix as an Air France aircraft that unfortunately crashed into the Atlantic Ocean?

Yeah, here are like pictures.

the print of the information of the real aircraft and when it had an accident, on the SBGL (GIG) - LFPG (CDG) route

a not very interesting fact: SBGL GIG, Rio de Janeiro is my hometown and I currently live :)

The tail of the aircraft on infinite flight, the Airbus A330-300, “Factory” livery, with the prefix for France F-GZCP

and the aircraft on front off

thanks @CMT_Ronald for these prints of the A333

all my condolences to the victims of this flight


Wow that’s a nice catch!

I should start paying attention to the reg prefixes of other liveries in IF, maybe they have their own little special story.

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incredible! I really didn’t know that. very curious

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Rest in peace passengers! 🙏 I had a friend die to a plane crash when the Ethiopian B737MAX crashed :(


AF447 was an A330-200, that is a -300.
Airbus reuses test registrations after an aircraft enters service with its initial operator, so that is likely purely coincidental


Yes, I remember also saw on TV the disaster from the aviation history true story, very sad.

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It is a deliberate gesture

For your info, French test registration have a F-X… format.


Such a tragic event. My condolences to anyone to lost a loved one in this accident.

The one thing that is holding me up is, why would Infinite Flight make an easter egg for an aircraft that crashed in the middle of the Atlantic? That seems a little mean to people who had loved ones in the crash… unless this easter egg has a bigger meaning that I do not know of and ties into a bigger story.


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