AFR254 LFPG To WSSS in 77W

Hi Everyone, this is my most recent flight that I am sharing today. The flight was AFR256 in the 77W from LFPG to WSSS on the expert server taking off at 20:41 zulu and landing at 05:04 zulu. Hope you guys enjoy!

At the gate starting engines and filing flight plan!


Climb out of LFPG!

Cruising altitude! (34000ft)

Descending into WSSS!



At the gate again after a positive flight!

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Hope everyone enjoyed, plus a question, how would I be able to record a Timelapse because my apple screen recorder only takes the last 15mins of the flight?


Hope you enjoyed the rainy approach lol

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It wasn’t too bad just low visibility, but rain effects would definitely be a cool thing to have in the game

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We may see them soon

Makes things more fun

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