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Our virtual airline has already been in existence for 2 months and was warmly welcomed by both Russian- and non Russian-speaking communities which is really important for us to note. AFLV continues to develop and increase scale of its activities like a VA does, so does the pilots’ team. As celebration our pilots decided to perform a joint flight with our friends last weekend. The most famous route was chosen. Moscow Sheremetyevo our main hub as the origin and cultural capital of Russia St. Petersburg as the destination.

Meeting of all AFLV pilots at Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) before departure

Takeoff of one participant against the background of other pilots

One of the brightest and most beautiful shots at the beginning of the event

Waiting for departure

And a photo at the end of the event - the beautiful Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg/LED)

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Do you want to make history in the AFLV team and proudly fly around Russia and many other countries? Feel free to submit a request to us!

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Nice pictures!