AFKLM VA presents: World Tour 8 | 03.03.2024

AirFrance - KLM | WORLD TOUR 8

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to announce the eight edition of our famous World Tour. Come and join us on this journey across the world, visiting all six permanently inhabited continents, with 25 legs to fly and a lot of great destinations to explore. This edition includes both the smallest and the biggest passenger jets available to us. Are you ready for this magnificent journey?

World Tour 8 will start and end on 2024-03-03T22:00:00Z2024-04-07T14:00:00Z

Our World Tour Staff has created a journey like never before. Starting in Paris, the City of Love and ending in Amsterdam, with it’s endless canals and busy nightlife. This edition includes a total of 25 legs, spanning a whopping 55.169nm in total.

View the full route database here to get the full picture of the world tour. It’s a WIP for now, but you can already find all routes!

What would our World Tour be without prizes? That’s right, this years edition also has a lot to win for all members, not just the fastest.

Every pilot can decide for themselves whether they want to compete for the podium or just fly at their own pace. All members will receive a grand total of 50 bonus hours added once you’ve completed all 25 legs of the world tour!

Take a look at the graphic below for all prices on top of the bonus hours mentioned above:

In our route table, you’ll find all relevant information to complete the world tour, including speeds, altitudes, flight-plans, gate information and more. You can access the crew recourses below:

The concept of World Tour was first introduced to the VA/VO Community by AFKLM. @John370, our current CEO, came up with the idea and the first edition was an immediate success which caused AFKLM to host a total of seven separate world tours over the years. Today, the World Tour is our most anticipated event series of the year with thousands of flight hours logged every time. Make sure to follow us here on the IFC and on our our Instagram @afklmvirtual so you don’t miss out on recent developments.

World Tour 8 was brought to you by the World Tour Committee — @hass.ik @John370 @Alboma @jeremy351 @Woutopia

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Looks awesome you even put the ANA 380 😍, hopefully the updates get out before its start


Will try my best to get the 2nd place (if my Violation/Landing ratio gets down to .10 by the time this event starts lol)

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I will summon @United403

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Thrilled to see what our team has been able to set-up again, cannot wait to get started again on this brand new World Tour!


Happy to join this event! Always full of surprises!

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flying with a world best VA in the sky, wow just crazy

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The Countdown has started!

Today at 2200Z we start our World Tour 8!

We are heading to Montreal with the Beast!

Happy Flying!


Aged like fine wine ;(

We have the ANA 380 in the World Tour 8

At this moment almost 50 pilots are enjoying the World Tour 8 and especially loving the Honululu - Narita leg with the brand new ANA 380 livery!

credits: @AviatorKrish