AFKLM VA presents Destination Saturdays, Season 4: The Americas | Vol. 33: Aspen | @ CYVR -- 231700ZFEB19


@Jack_H your gate is confirmed. Go ahead and spawn in now. Refer to FLIGHT PLANS section of main thread above for all necessary info. Thanks for joining us!


Ladies & Gents! DS 4 is about to begin. Go ahead and start spawning in. A few open gates remain. Any last minute attendees feel free to take any open gate.



DS4 kicked off with a bang on our first stop across the Americas: Juneau. Here are a few pics. Details for next Saturday will be posted in a moment!




Event Description:

Our tour across the Americas continues! We’re picking up the action in Juneau alongside the majestic mountains of Alaska and making our way south along the Pacific Northwest to beautiful Vancouver. Respond in the comments below to RSVP.

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2019-02-16T17:00:00Z
Flight Time: 1 hr 45 min
Air Frame: CRJ or ERJ
Livery: AF/Hop, KLM, Delta or Sky Team


Ayyy that’s my hometown


@Omar_DeWindt You did not write my callsign.


Can I get gate 2 for PAJN?

Brit Air - CRJX



Looking forward! Gonna be great :D


@joslleymiguel_holand @KingWings @Teddybrooo you are all set, mates! It will be great, indeed!


Thank you! The airport is going to explode :P


Ok, folks, our tour of the Americas continues! Flight details below and FPL available above for any IFC guests that are joining. Spawn into your gates at least 10 minutes prior to departure. @here

Event Details:

Date: Sat., Feb. 16
Time: 1700z
Departure Airport: PAJN
Arrival Airport: CYVR
Flight Time: 1hr 51min
Air Frame: ERJ or CRJ
SkyTeam Livery: Air France, HOP!, KLM, Delta, or SkyTeam


  • Late RSVPs, take an open gate below
  • Push back will flow in descending order beginning w/ Omar [President]
  • Be respectful to your fellow airmen, control spacing, observe flight rules
  • Spawn at least 10 mins prior to departure
  • Copy FPL from AFKLM001 Omar [President]
  • All pilot are eligible to attend. AFKLM pilots receive a 1.5x event bonus. Add “DS Event” to your flight log notes.


Gate 02: Omar [President]
Gate 03: Tristan [AFKLM234]
Gate 04: Alexis [Chief Operations Officer - AFKLM003]
Gate 06: John P
Gate 05: Captain Khalil

Apron 08: Teddybrooo [AFKLM198]
Apron 06: Jeremy.L [AFKLM206]
Apron 09: Philip [ATC Operations Manager]
Apron 13:
Apron 14:
Apron 18: carrots4luke1
FedEx Cargo: Kam [Digital Marketing Manager]

GA Apron West 15: IFC Samdog27
GA Apron West 16: Joslley Miguel [AFKLM262] // IFATC
GA Apron West 11: Paulo Camelier [AFKLM189]
GA Apron West 08: Captain Yoda [AFKLM179]
GA Apron West 06: Delightt1 [AFKLM222]
GA Apron West 02: Sebastian[AFKLM184]
GA Apron West 20:
GA Apron West 18: Philip Clarke (AFKLM233)
GA Apron West 22: Vansh purohit

GA Apron East 03: Matthew [AFKLM265]
GA Apron East 06: Alexandre[AFKLM264]
GA Apron East 07: Abhas Desai (AFKLM241)
GA Apron East 22: Hawkeye [AFKLM250]
GA Apron East 24: Yemster // AFKLM259
GA Apron East 26: krasnimish
GA Apron East 28: John [ T G Sundays]

Flight Details:

Departure Runway: 26
Arrival Runway: 12
Cruise: FL350
Block Fuel: 6161 kg
Passengers: 113
Cargo: TBA
Speed: M 0.78

Climb Profile:
• Vr is 144 with Flaps 10 (may vary depending on air frame)
• Climb will be 2000fpm under 200kts and then 2800 until 295kts and then adjust to keep 80% thrust.
• Take off thrust is 92% thrust.

Descent Checklist:
TOD is 121 NM from Destination
Descent rate is vs -2500 ft/min


Making our way down South!

Update: A few post-event pics from the flight. The approach into CYVR from the north is stunning, to say the least!



Destination Saturdays, Vol. 33: Aspen | @ CYVR -- 231700ZFEB19

Event Description:

Our tour across the Americas continues! Gate reservations for our next leg from Vancouver to Aspen are now live. Respond in the comments below to RSVP.

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2019-02-23T17:00:00Z
Flight Time: 2 hr 11 min
Air Frame: Narrow Bodies
Livery: AF, KLM, Delta or WestJet


Yeah, can’t wait 🤟


I’ll come sounds fun


@QFA_12 great! Gate assignments will be updated shortly.