AFKLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Season 4: The Americas | @ MGGT -- 251700ZMAY19

I will take a gate please DLVA 702 / CRJ7

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@Bigballin2u your gate is confirmed. See you on Saturday!

@Leonard_Paulson glad to have you back with us on the DS journey! Will have your gate assigned shortly.

Thank you Omar,
I wanted to inform you that Mar 20 ends my subscription and I will not renew. I intend to take a year of absence from IF. I’ve enjoyed the experience and how you have led your VA. I hope to be back in a year, but if not,!i wish you and your family the best.
Dwayne DLVA702


@Leonard_Paulson you will be missed! I understand where you are coming from though. I imagine there comes a time when we all have to take a break from the fun world that is IF.

Thank you for the kind words. It has, and continues to be, a pleasure to fly with you! Hope to see you again in a year or so. Either way, my best to you and your family as well, my friend!

Have made assignment gate for me for tomorrow?

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@Leonard_Paulsoni indeed! I believe you are at Hanger N4. See Gate Reservations section above in main post for details. See you soon!

[Flight Details] Destination Saturdays, Vol. 34: San Diego – Departs @ 1700z

Ok, gents, our tour of the Americas continues! Flight details below. Spawn into your gates at least 10 minutes prior to departure.

Event Details:

Date: Sat., Mar. 2
Time: 1700z
Departure Airport: KASE
Arrival Airport: KSAN
Flight Time: 2hr 12min
Air Frame: CJR & ER
SkyTeam Livery: HOP, KL, DL


  • Spacing: 2 min between take-offs
  • Late RSVPs, take an open gate below
  • Push back will flow in descending order beginning w/ AFKLM001
  • Be respectful to your fellow airmen, control spacing, observe flight rules
  • Spawn at least 10 mins prior to departure
  • Copy FPL from AFKLM001
  • All pilot are eligible to attend and receive a 1.5x event bonus. Add β€œDS Event” to your flight log notes.


Terminal Gate 1 – 1700z: AFKLM001
Terminal Gate 2 – 1702z: AFKLM206
Terminal Gate 3 – 1704z: AFKLM010
Terminal Gate 4 – 1706z: AFKLM282

South Hanger 4 – 1708z: AFKLM262
South Hanger 1 – 1710z: AFKLM283

Hanger N1 – 1712z: AFKLM114
Hanger N2 – 1714z: AFKLM265
Hanger N3 – 1716z: DLVA0824
Hanger N4 – 1718z: DLVA702
Hanger N5 – 1720z: AFKLM259
Hanger N6 – 1722z: AFKLM234

Terminal Gate 1 – 1724z: AFKLM179
Terminal Gate 2 – 1726z: AFKLM127
Terminal Gate 3 – 1728z: AFKLM003
Terminal Gate 4 – 1730z:

South Hanger 4 – 1732z:
South Hanger 1 – 1734z:

Hanger N1 – 1736z:
Hanger N2 – 1738z:
Hanger N3 – 1740z:
Hanger N4 – 1742z:
Hanger N5 – 1744z:
Hanger N6 – 1746z:

Flight Details:

Departure Runway: 33
Arrival Runway: 27
Cruise: FL300
Block Fuel: 8107 kg
Cargo: 1,219 kg
Speed: M 0.81

Climb Profile:
β€’ VS 2,600 until FL100
β€’ VS 2,400 until FL180
β€’ VS 1,800 until FL 250
β€’ VS 1,400 until FL 300

β€’ Speed: M.81
β€’ Altitude: FL300
β€’ Spacing: 15 NM

Descent Profile:
β€’ Tod: 125 NM
β€’ Speed: 74 / 290 / 150

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NOTAM: @Bigballin2u @Leonard_Paulson we are changing to Runway 9 due to winds. See you on the ground!

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Enjoyed Omar,

Hope to fly with you again before I depart Mar 20th. Your VA is very classy and enjoyable to fly with. Glad DLVA and KLMVA have a great relationship.



Don’t forget about Air France. πŸ˜‰ Awesome flying with you! @Leonard_Paulson

@Leonard_Paulson thank you for joining us! Was great to fly with you again. Next week we fly the next leg from KSAN to MMMX if you want to join. Departing at 1700z. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, bud!

Fun flight today! Here is a video from the departure at KASE shot by Alexandre {AKLM264]:


I’m sorry Air France too. πŸ‘

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I want gate 50 for the Mexico flight!!!
AMVA-COO is my call

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Thanks for another awesome event, @Omar_DeWindt!


@Fernando_Carbajal your gate is confirmed, my friend! See you on Saturday.

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Can I have a gate please KLM 737-700


@Aviation-21absolutely. I will update gate assignments within the next few hours. Looking forward to flying with you tomorrow!


We are ready for the event! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


I want a gate 48 in MMMX

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