AFKLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Season 4: The Americas | @ MGGT -- 251700ZMAY19

Air France KLM Virtual presents


A Singular Quest with Several Stops

Back in July 2017, we set sail from the City of Lights on a tour around the globe with one goal: To finish what Amelia Earhart Started. Two years, 30 legs, and 10,000+ miles later, we’ve traversed some of the world’s most iconic destinations, beautiful landscapes, and challenging approaches from Europe to the Middle East, Oceania, then the Far East.

NOW, the journey continues!

The fourth season of our flagship event series will take Infinite Flight’s most adventurous airmen across the Americas to 17 of dangerous and iconic airports. From the snow-capped mountains of Juneau, Alaska down to Rio de Janeiro, and then back up to the Big Apple, harrowing approaches and beautiful views await along the way! Join us for a new leg every Saturday from February 9th to June 15th

DS4 Route Map

Event Description:

Our expedition across the Americas continues this Saturday with the 36th installment of our Destination Saturdays global tour! We will be departing Mexico City to head south above Central America en route to Guatemala City where we will prove our approach skills at one of the most challenging airports in the Western hemisphere: La Aurora International Airport.

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2019-03-16T17:00:00Z
Flight Time: 1 hr 35 min
Air Frame: B737
SkyTeam Livery: Aeromexico (AM)

Reserving a gate is easy. Just reply in the comments section below. Please include callsign, aircraft, an air frame in your request.

Gates are open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Flight plans, flight details, and crew resources will be provided at least one hour prior to each leg via the comments section below and in the AFKLM VA Slack.

Vol. 36: Guatemala City

Departure Time: 2019-03-16T17:00:00Z

Pilot Terminal 2 Aircraft Livery
@Omar_DeWindt [AFKLM001] Gate 52 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM206] Gate 53 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM127] Gate 54 B737 Aeromexico
@AdmiralsAlliance [AFKLM111] Gate 55 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM262] Gate 56 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM287] Gate 57 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM179] Gate 58 B737 Aeromexico
@Enrique_Fernandez [AMVACEO] Gate 59 B737 Aeromexico
[AMVACOO] Gate 60 B737 Aeromexico
@Roberto_Holland [AMVA20] Gate 61 B737 Aeromexico
@Alexis.B [AFKLM003] Gate 62 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM113] Gate 63 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM224] Gate 64 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM265] Gate 65 B737 Aeromexico
@Leonard_Paulson [DLVA702] Gate 66 B737 Aeromexico
@CPTWilliam [AM16] Gate 67 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM259] Gate 68 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM157] Gate 69 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM102] Gate 70 B737 Aeromexico
Adrian [AMVA24] Gate 71 B737 Aeromexico
Gate 72 B737 Aeromexico
Gate 73 B737 Aeromexico
[AFKLM290] Gate 74 B737 Aeromexico


At Air France-KLM Virtual Group, our mission is clear: To deliver the best possible VA experience to Infinite Flight’s community of aviation enthusiasts.

AFKLM was named Infinite Flight’s “2017 Best Overall Virtual Airline” by Skytrax IF Virtual. With 30 planes in our fleet, an expansive route database, a variety of career flight modes, and a dynamic mix of world-class events, AFKLM offers Infinite Flight pilots a professional virtual airline platform that is ideal for mature aviation enthusiasts seeking a rewarding VA career.



my friend, there are 3 events on the same date and I’m in the three because the times are different and will allow me to attend all, but in your case I can not because the time I had with an event that I’m already participating, but if you decide to change the time or day you can count on me

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Isn’t this supposed to say PAJN


Yes, may I recommend you do this event next weekend?

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We have an event every Saturday to complete the next legs of the schedule listed above. So you can join us next week!


@BennyBoy_Alpha you are correct! I will update now.

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Since you do the event every Saturday, can you change the schedule for this event?

Sign me up! DLVA06 - DAL 739


@r3life roger, bud! Gate assignments for this Saturday will be up soon.


@joslleymiguel_holand unfortunately not, because we already have several RSVPs for Vol. 31 confirmed from VA (and non-VA) pilots but you can reserve a gate for Vol. 32 or any upcoming installment via this thread too.

Just let me know and I’ll sign you up. Thanks!


Okay, I’ll reserve a gate.


This is AWESOME!!! 😍🤗🥳


I will! Thanks!


Can’t wait for this great event !


@RoyalJordanian same! It’s going to be a fun one. See you on Saturday!


Will take a gate too! DLVA4822- DAL 738

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@Hartford38 great! Will have your gate assignment noted by morning (US Eastern). See you on Friday!

Sign me up, please! AFKLM234: A320 - Aeroflot

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Alright gents, just 1hr until Season 4 of Destination Saturdays gets underway! Flight details have been posted above in the main thread. See you soon!

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I’ll take remote stand 7 Alaska 737-800

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