I took these photos during the AFKLM After Dark Event.

Sever: Expert
Flight Time: 13:00
Aircraft: Airbus A380

Hoped you liked them!

Credit for live flight photo: @Manav_Suri


Good photos! unfortunately, the HUD is not allowed in #screenshots-and-videos photos. You can crop them out with your devices default photo editor if you want. For more info, check Here.


Thanks for the info Butter Boi.

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You’re welcome, anytime!

Hey! Here is how you delete the HUD instead of cropping them to make it the best picture possible! I will give you steps.

  1. Go into replay mode.
  2. Get the plane where you want it for the screenshot and pause the replay.
  3. Press the camera icon in the bottom right corner.

Hope this helps, have a good day!

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Thanks ButterAllDay

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Of course! Also if you want to notify the person, you simply put an @ before their name. So it would turn out to be @Logan and you got notified.

Have a great day!


Nice pictures

Thank you.