AFKLM Does not accept me as a member

I’m a 13 year old member, and I’m being honest because I’m 13 years old (1 month from now I’ll be 14), but why wasn’t I accepted as a member?
Many other members do not admit that they are underage, even lie, while I am honest. There is no justice in the VA, I’m only giving open criticism because the staff didn’t read my private messages, I hope they are open to me, thank you

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If you don’t meet the requirements unfortunately there’s nothing much you can do.


Indeed, I am tired! those who lie are accepted and defended, while I am honest

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They must think I’m crazy, but what I’m actually doing is defending

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Hello @Tracy_Irvine,

Each Virtual Airline and Organisation sets their own requirements.

At the moment, AFKLM accepts applicants who are 15 y.o. and older.

Being honest is a great thing and I am sure they appreciate it. However, the requirements are there to ensure a safe and professional environment. Moreover, it’s up the VA to accept or decline an application.

Should you have any more questions/ concerns, please consult the AFKLM staff team via PM.


thank you
But I see injustice here, I love AFKLM because they have quite a lot of routes. I hope AFKLM will act fairly and be committed to its regulations which require 15 years of membership

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Heya Tracy! I am the CHR at AFKLM. Our requirements are there for a reason. If you do not meet them, there is nothing I or the staff at AFKLM can help you with. We had sent you a PM from our IFC account, @AF-KLM_VA seeking information of such alleged members to which we received no response.

A topic on the forums will not help you secure a spot in the VA.



I know some VA give requirements for a reason, and I appreciate it, but because there are members who are underage in AFKLM It seems you are not following the rules that you make yourself

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And even worse, you let it

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We will send a second PM from our official account on your way. I request you to continue the conversation with us there as this does not help you or me.


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thanks i’ll waiting

Hi they have a 15 year age requirement if I’m not wrong. If that is the case, they are right because you have to meet their demands before they allow you in their VA. You can’t expect to go to any VA and just get in.

I understand, I accept the decision of those who have rejected me, but I don’t like it because in the VA there is someone who is 13 years old who is still accepted, I don’t mind the rules, but the justice

The age requirements for most VA/VO’s are based on maturity, and the only real way to gauge maturity is by age. Everybody else has had to meet the age requirements, you should be able to as well. 👍

Well he/she must have lied about their age. And the “justice” you talk about is that they should probably kick that person out, not allow you in.

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This is what I want

I can, I will be patient until I am 15 years old. However I’m just criticizing their unfairness for accepting 13 years apart from me

But if you expected to go in there even though you are underage but saying that there is a 13 year old in the VA, you are just annoying yourself and when that person gets kicked out, you also annoy him. It’s not a win-win situation here. I know the staff wasn’t replying but saying this publicly will not have any benefit.

This topic is going around in circles

@Tracy_Irvine AFKLM have said they will send you a message directly regarding this, please continue the discussion on there. Not on this topic

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Even if I’m alone there I also don’t want to, I hope the same action is given to him too