AFKLM & DHL Virtual Presents : Cargo Run! [Canceled] @EDDP 151400ZJUN19

DHL Virtual + AFKLM Presents:


Server: Expert

Aircraft : AFKLM : Any cargo aircraft from AFKLM.
DHL : C208, 757 and MD11F.

Airport: EDDP / Leipzig/Halle Airport

Time: 2019-06-15T14:00:00Z


The event is on Expert Server.
Please be responsible and follow all instructions.

DHV Pilots flights! (rank unlocked)

EDDP - EHAM is flight number DHV9999.

EDDP - LFPG is flight number DHV9998.

Spawn in 15 mins before start time to prepare and get some pre-flight screenshots!


Route Will Be Released 24hrs before departure.

Flight Plan Made Using Flight Plan Database


Route Will Be Released 24hrs Before departure.

Flight Plan Made Using Flight Plan Database


Group Alpha ! EDDP - EHAM

DHL Apron 421 :
DHL Apron 423 :
DHL Apron 425 : @Luca_Arrowsmith
DHL Apron 427 : @Omar_DeWindt
DHL Apron 429 : @jamie_pharoah
DHL Apron 431 : @BadPlane
DHL Apron 433 : @QVG-Crunch
DHL Apron 435 : (Leader) @Nono45_FR

Group Bravo! EDDP - LFPG

DHL Apron 401 :
DHL Apron 403 :
DHL Apron 405 :
DHL Apron 407 :
DHL Apron 409 :
DHL Apron 411 : @CPTWilliam
DHL Apron 406 : @John_Ryan1
DHL Apron 408 : @roostbrood
DHL Apron 410 : @Jeremy351
DHL Apron 412 :(Leader) @Linox

Stand by :

@AF-KLM_VA website :

CEO: @Omar_DeWindt

@DHL_Virtual thread : DHL Virtual | Your Freight. Fast. | Hiring Staff and Pilots !
Website :
CEO : @Linox

See you soon in the skies!


Really nice! Have fun! It won’t be possible for me to attend as I’ll be working.


That’s copied Adri! See you soon!


Looking forward to this ⏳

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Me too! What gate would you want if you’re able to participate?

Noah how VA are you in??

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I will take any gate to lfpg

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Would you like to lead?

what aircraft(s)?

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Sign me up : AKLM206 -> EDDP LFPG

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For DHL we will use the MD 11 F and the 757

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Yes why not

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Looks good boys, and Congrts on the new CEO dude @Linox!


Hi, I just applied to DHLVA and was wondering if I can join this flight in a 208?


Yes you can but you will be very slow.

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Yep, what’s the estimated flight time for the big jets?

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I’ll take a C208 to eham. This ok?

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To LFPG it’s 1h 25 min and to EHAM it’s 1h 2 min

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Yes it’s okay

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Sounds fun! I’ll sign up then but might not be able to join

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