AFKLM_Alexandre’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LFML

Hello guys. As I’m preparing IFATC theorical and practical test with Adam Callow, I want a short ATC session (30 minutes-1 hour) for a training. Everyone is welcome to help me to reach it!

server Training Server
time 1215Z
airport Marseille-LFML
Traffic Pattern // Departure // Arrival

-Please follow Expert Server rules
-Don’t hesitate to ask for changing runway and other specific commands!
-Have fun


Starting in 20 minutes!

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Let’s go everyone is welcome

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I changed for Marseille

You cleared me for left traffic on T/O for 31R, then ask me for my intentions? 🤔

Callsign: SCVA008

because I dont know if you are about to land or T and G

You don’t need to ask that for literally every single aircraft. Always assume the aircraft is doing a touch and go, unless they report otherwise.

EDIT (thanks trio!): The T&G I’m referring to is for aircraft who have requested to takeoff, remaining in the pattern.

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thats noted , thx

If they request takeoff remaining in the pattern, they are stating their intentions, to remain in the pattern for touch and goes. If they request takeoff departing straight out, north, west, east, or south then they will be departing your airspace and have no intention to remain in the pattern.

For those reasons, it is unnecessary to ask for their intentions because they already stated their intentions.

Always assume they are landing, not doing touch and goes. You have that backwards.

Hope that helps!


yes but the qestion was about to directly land, no TandG

Sorry I didn’t make it clear.

I was referring to the same thing you’re listing here.

I had reported to remain in the pattern, so the “assume the aircraft is doing a touch and go” was referring to my pattern, not any aircraft in general.

“N623KB, requesting takeoff from runway 31R, remaining in the pattern”

“N623KB, Cleared for takeoff runway 5, make left traffic”

By saying make left/right traffic in the clearance, you are confirming and approving the request to stay in the pattern for touch and goes.

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As Trio has mentioned, you don’t need to ask whether they are coming to a full stop or doing a touch and go.

It can be seen in their takeoff request.

So when I clear him like that he just cant land, obligated to do a Tand G ??

No, if the aircraft intends to do a full stop instead, they should report it before touching down.

“M-001 is on Final, Runway 123, full stop.”

ps: I didn’t do this just now as I messed up my first landing and couldn’t take off again, and my second try was equally as bad as the first.


I understood thanks

When you clear them for the option you are clearing them for a touch-and-go, a stop-and-go, a full-stop landing, a low approach, or a missed approach.

If they are remaining in the pattern, clear for the option.


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