AFK Violation timer

Hi everyone!

So I did some searching, and I couldn’t find anything on this. So I am on vacation right now, and I flying KLAX-EGLL. I took off, set everything up, and let the A/P do the work. After that, I went to bed, and when I woke up, I crashed, and had 7 violations, booting down to Grade 1. So I propose that their should be a timer, where if the user is AFK for more than 20 minutes, the user does not get violations of the A/P screws up. Thanks for your time!

How can the AP screw up in the first place? This makes no sense.

It seems that you ran out of fuel.


Autopilot remains on and doesn’t fail at all unless your fuel goes out. And Flying in Infinite Flight is focused a lot on awareness and planning. I don’t really see much of a point in this.


I crashed in Nevada, and took off from Los Angeles with a full tank, so…

We’ll also have the XP and flight time you accumulate during that “timeout” removed too.
Sounds fair, right? ;)

Seriously though.
This won’t happen :)