AFK Tower controller

So, in Training server, in KSFO, there is tower controller which is AFK for like 15 hours, all flights who want to take off cannot do so, if you are the one, please exit or be active

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This is on training, and likely that controller is not on the community, so not much we can do, through if he doesn’t respond to four messages in 60 seconds he will be kicked

Thanks for letting us know

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They can still take off, all they have to do is switch to Unicom. Don’t default to this though, only if they are gone for a while

He should have been kicked.


And an addition, to not cause problems, traffic etc, if a controller didn’t answer anyone for a long time, i would move myself in TS. But if it was ES, i would exit and start in a new airport.

They may have been Tower and Ground, so they could have been responding to Ground messages as well. If that’s the case, you should check if their are controlling both, and just wait your turn


Thanks for letting us know about this. If you do see this happen, feel free to contact myself or anyone else in the team so we can address it.
Normally, we should be kicking the user out when being unresponsive for x amount of time… but obviously that function is broken.

Trying to find the user now so we can disconnect him, unfortunately he’s not the only one with the display name “Ben”…



Funny - its not me by the way - im flying xD

Thanks so much, just saw you parked at SFO when I landed as the Alaska 37!!


Yeah i heard you calling in :)

Good news, we found the account.
Bad news, the usual routine for resolving this didn’t work… so I’m restarting the server now.


All good now! KSFO Twoer is now open for grabs :)