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I am looking for a realistic flight experience including leaving my plane overnight at the gate like at real airports, of course I would do this only in time zones near mine so my plane isnt just parked there all day. I like having the feeling of having the same plane and a long flight. Can I do this or will i get in trouble?


You’re more than welcome to do that. I would only caution you to just be familiar with the parking spot you choose and the aircraft that you decide to use so that you’re not overhanging onto a taxiway. Some aircraft may be passing through during the wee hours of the night.


I’d also like to note that you can leave the gate and park at a hardstand overnight. This is common at DFW (during the day) with Qantas, Qatar, and other long haul flights.

Of course this isn’t absolutely necessary, considering there may not be any traffic, but it frees up gates for anyone who needs it.


This is something that I haven’t seen before but it’s something that I’ve always wondered about so ty!

Don’t forget to activate your parking brakes…there were a few stories when IF pilots forgot to activate it and were ghosted or crashed.


I would consider taking @Altaria55 advice as it is the most realistic. I can confirm this is common at most major airpots, personally speaking from experience at KEWR (when I arrive at 2:30 am because United delays my flight for 5 hours). I have seen United park there 772’s, 77W’s, and 78X’s at the Terminal C hardstands, El Al and Singapore Airlines at the Terminal B hardstands, and Spirit at the Terminal A hardstands. Hope this helps :)

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