Afk on expert server

I overnight flights all the time. first off does it give you more XP for doing it on expert? and second if i was on expert and i’m afk will i get reported?

Unfortunely no.

You won’t get reported if you’re cruising or if you are blocking taxiway. also if you are climbing or descending while Afk it’s likely that you Will get reported if there’s controller in that airport.

One thing to note is that, only controller or supervisor can report you.

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(For the second question) As an IFATC member, it would be totally normal to sit AFK at the gate. Although if you sit AFK on the taxiway, hold short line, or on the runway… that might end up with a report. Also if you send a message on the frequency and sit afk without responding, that could end up with a report too. (I think it will be a disconnection not a report but I’m not sure)

In the air, do not sit afk on the following frequencies: (T/A/D)

Cruise is totally normal because people usually do overnight flights. Even if centre frequencies are open, it’s normal. Although don’t be afk while descending.

in my opinion, reports aren’t done at overnight long hauls. Reason of this is that not everybody cruises at same altitude and not every single center frequency is covered by ATC. I once did VTBS-EGLL (13 hours) overnight and there was no issue doing this type of flight. As mentioned by others, NEVER be AFK during climbing or descent.

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