AFK during cruise with center

Hey IFC,
So with the recent announcement that center will be released, I have a concern.
Let’s just say I’m doing a long haul from EDDF to KMIA, and Maastricht and Prestwick centres are open. I can’t be expected to stay at my device for the entire Atlantic crossing surely? I mean, that’s like 9 hours. Will you be ghosted for being AFK or what? I usually go for a run while I cruise so it’s kinda important.

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If you have not touched your screen for a certain amount of time, you will show up as “Away” to IFATC and all conflicts will be assumed to be incidental and you will be ok!


Thanks @NoahM!

Take a look at this recent topic where Tyler does a great job of answering multiple questions similar to yours!

The best thing for people to do at this point is to reach deep into your jar of patience and use as much of it as you can. If I know IF well, they will do a great job of answering any further questions once IF 20.1 is actually in your hands. I think most of us will find that it is really not going to be that big of a “fire hose to the mouth” experience when the update does come…


That’s a great idea actually

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