I have a situation that I’m curious about. If ATC doesn’t respond (usually happens in TS) am I allowed to just do what I requested ‘without’ permission.

For example, I was at KLAX on TS, Ground was active, but there was no communications happening. between any pilots and ATC/ So it was quiet. I requested for pushback and there was no response. I waited a couple of minutes and just pushbacked.

There wasn’t any connectivity issues, but considering it was TS they were probably AFK.

What were I supposed to do in that situation?

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If the controller does not acknowledge or respond to any messages in a minute or two, they will be kicked off the session.

So could it have been a connectivity issue. I waited a good 3-4 minutes.

There were the green ticks on the top right

This actually happens to me quite often, even in the Expert Server! I would like to know if this happens again.

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Pilots who don’t follow instructions from ATC should be kicked off too… I don’t mind if someone doesn’t understand the instruction but ignoring ATC and takeoff in the opposite direction with an other aircraft on the runway? In such a case I ignore their requests. I should not do that but after controlling on the training server for 10 minutes I know I should never become ATC. My compliments to all the girls and guys who do a great job with ATC.

I’ve had it on ES once. I could here comms between the controller and other aircraft, but wasn’t getting pushback clearance. I PMed them and they said they had given me clearance. So I was sending, but couldn’t receive anything. So it may have been that.

I can totally relate to that. It has happened to me in a few scenarios but not always. Either as ATC or pilot. As ATC, a pilots would request pushback and I am unable to hear anything until the pilots request again. The second time the pilot requests then I can hear their request. I believe it is a game bug, but it happens rarely.

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While practicing for IFATC it has happened to me at least 3 times where it shows a notification on the the frequency but no aircraft has asked for anything.

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