AFK and slapped with a violation

I came back to my iPad after I was eating, after I was following my FPL automatically, went afk and got kicked and slapped with a level 3 violation. I don’t understand why and how, I was afk and didn’t see any of the approachers communications. I would like to appeal immediately.

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It appears you got a violation for not following the assignment altitude and or heading. Chances are while you were AFK, ATC gave you a heading/altitude instruction and since you technically didn’t follow it, that’s why you got the violation.

I would contact appeals to help you remove the violation

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Hi there…

Here is a guide on how to manage a violation…


Did you leave your device to eat at an important stage during the flight?

Either way, contact @appeals and they can help you out.

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Mid flight, was landing in Zurich and was over Poland when I left, went for dinner.

Contact appeals and let them review it. Level 3 is a harsh if you did everything right.

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