Afghan Push

I generally fly GA aircraft or military, decided to step up to learning airliners. After my first successful hop in a 717 I stepped up to the 737-700. Picked OAIX randomly and was pleasantly surprised with a lil scenery. From Bagram, Afghanistan.
Another successful landing in the books. Maybe airbus next…

Aircraft- Boeing 737-700 Shamu
Departure- OAIX
Arrival- ZWSH


Nice pictures! I really love the mountain shots. It’s pretty easy to learn airliners. If you need any help to learn them PM me. 😀


Southwest in afganistan 🤔


Great pics, always love flying over mountains in IF!

Man, I know Southwest is always trying to expand their international destinations, but I didn’t expect them to fly somewhere so exotic already :P


I like the scenery and the photos!

As others said though, I’m not sure if SWA flies to Afghanistan XD but I’m not hating, you are allowed to fly whatever livery you want :)

SWA Shamu is a pretty cool plane so I don’t blame you. It’s out of service now though :(


The realism gods are pacing around nervously


Yeah I figure I will slowly immerse myself in the realism. LOL right now I’m just trying to get some seat time in some cool shots to contribute with. Trying to learn that thing where you can use free camera and zoom in and out in back-and-forth and play that game where you can get great moon and sun shots. It’s a little more difficult than it seems

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well you’re pretty good at doing it right now, these were really good.

Also you don’t have to be realistic with airlines in IF. There isn’t a rule that says that

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The only thing I can say that I found about the shamu 737 was the tops of the wings look like they were drawn on with Microsoft paint. 🤷‍♂️

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Realism 💯
Great pictures tho

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Nice shots! I had never seen that livery!

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good pictures, like the third one.

me: Hey look a flying… Whale?

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Why do the fun police always show up? 🤨

Great shots and a great livery. Who cares how SWA got shamu to Afghanistan?


This is the best part of Infinite Flight is that you can fly any of the aircraft anywhere in the world.

Very nice pictures. I love the Afghan mountains. Ironically for a country full craziness it’s a very beautiful country side.

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🚨🚨 🚔 Relasim police 🚔 🚨🚨
Southwest in Africa.

Lol, well done on stepping up to jets.

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Nice photos I love this south west livery

You need to do Geography again ;) I’m just kidding chill out :)

Anyway… the detail on the mountains in pic 3 look incredible, good job!


Lol. (To fill space)

Yes it has plenty if both

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Thanks for the kind words

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