AF608 Air France A320 to Atlanta.

So I was perusing the mighty interwebs and came across this little gem ( as soon as I got done reading the article I logged into IF and am making my way to KATL in an Air France A320. Imagine seeing an AF A320 in ATL? How cool would that be?

The article was written in 2017 so I don’t know what the fate of this route is present day but it has some good scenery and it’s a fun and unique route I’d like to share.

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They still exist today. I believe they only operate during the winter season, but I could be wrong.

Did three of these legs so far; two from Miami (MIA-PAP, MIA-PTP), one from Atlanta (ATL-PTP). They’re quite fun and also very different from the usual domestic carrier flights in the US. I love these odd little international carrier flights operating in the US with a narrow body.

Norwegian used to do the same flights but from the Northeast US airports (BWI, JFK, PVD). Think they’ve ceased this year though, due to their financial turmoil. I’ve also done a flight from Icelandair operating from Boston to Punta Cana.

Good information, thank you! This is something I for sure will have to put on my bucket list if they stick around with this route.

This is exactly why I want to try it, it’s something so different. Another one I’d like to try is the Norwegian routes from PVD-DUB. Does the service compare to a International long-haul or does it feel more “domestic”?

I hope Norwegian bounces back, I enjoy seeing their 737’s at US airports.

I cannot speak from experience, but I have seen a few flight reviews of these types of flights. I would definitely say it’s a domestic feel for sure, especially on Norwegian. There is no entertainment, no preflight lounge access, the cabin and seating is very tight, and the food is very bland. You get what you pay for though – tickets are super cheap!

Edit: If you’re speaking in the context of IF, I guess you can say it feels like a “domestic” journey since most long-hauls are used by much larger jets. These types of flights are not.

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I’m surprised to see no one has video’d the Air France A320 In Atlanta, at least that’s what I think

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I was seeking the real life experience, unfortunately I’m on the West Coast so grabbing those awesome deals to fly trans-Atlantic on a narrowbody isn’t easy to do.

I feel you. Definitely tough for west coasters, not to mention Hawaiians, to get to the other side of the Atlantic with a low price tag, in general. Guess I am lucky to live on the good side of the United States haha.

I love traveling whenever the opportunity arises. Just hard to do so because I can’t afford a lavish seat on British Airways on my trip to London, for example. Would love to travel more, especially on a budget. Hopefully Norwegian sticks around long enough so I can snag one of their trans-Atlantic flights from nearby Providence.

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Haha you sure live on the best coast for deals to Europe, although I will say I did see tickets from LAX to CDG in the high $200’s on Norwegian the other day, for us that’s a smokin’ deal…something to ponder on. If you do ever catch one of those 737’s across the Atlantic from Providence, be sure to let us know how it went!

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