AF296-How it could have been prevented

As I was watching the AF296 Mayday episode last night, I tried to replicate it on IF. But as IF didn’t have the Stall Computer, when I set max thrust and pulled up, the plane MADE IT. I used KVUO as a replacement for the Habshime Airfield. The plane would have hit the first of the trees but the plane would have made it without crashing.

NOTE: I used the white line on the end of the runway as the start of the trees.

Conclusion: The Airbus A320 crashed itself to the trees at the end of the runway

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It still would have got damaged. They didn’t have the time to turn the automated system off.

We don’t really know how accurate Infinite Flight is to try to re-make a real life accident.

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Of course it wouldn’t be as realistic as the real incident. Doesn’t have all the instruments.

Really? I thought you were gonna show some video. Go sit in the real thing and try replicating it 😉

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