AF-KLM Virtual Airline opening!

Hey folks!!
This is a very important announcement! Last week, we launched our brand new website! It has tons of amazing features for you guys to enjoy a great VA! What are you waiting for, just hit the link and register! You’ll be able to track all the flights you’ve done and even access a higher rank decided on your flight hours!
So now, just hit the link, and register at AFKLM Virtual, the biggest and the greatest VA for Infinite Flight!

If you require any kind of help, feel free to message Ian!

Here is the link to our awesome website →

//CEO and all the staff of AFKLM virtual!


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That’s the first ad bro. I know what I am doing. Why are you guys always talking about the rules… We know the rules ;)

‘Can I use IF with my nose’ says differently @Clement_Boisselier



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I heard it has nose capabilities…