AF-KLM orders A350's

Today the holding of AF-KLM confirms the order of A350’s to replace their A330’s, B772’s and B77W’s.


i wonder if these would go to air france or if klm is considering them again


Besides the Dreamliners and a few B77W’s the longhaul fleet of KLM is pretty old. So I think the older planes will be replaced with the A359’s. I don’t know if KLM will get a few more in comparison to AF. AF already operates the A359.


Good order, but doubt this part completely. Least on the KLM side, the 77Ws aren’t that old. And Air France just put new business class seats on theirs. Even if they get replaced, they won’t be the first planes that do. The 772s and 330s definitely, though.


KLM A359 will look pretty cool i hope! We have it in IF but im sure it’ll look even better in person.

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Its high time now… infinite flight should add A350-1000… MANY AIRLINES ARE ORDERING THIS VARIANT OF A350


I would assume the a350’s are for AF. I hope KLM will order some new 787s soon, would be great to have an updated 787 in IF too!

The oldest B77W’s KLM has in service are around 15y old. So I assume these planes will not leave the fleet for at least the next 5y.

IF has already mentioned the A35K will not come in the near future.

There are still a few B78X on order for KLM. They ordered the A359 a few years ago but AF took them over before delivery.

That’s not too old in the grand scheme of things, plus cycles are the things that really matter.

AF definitely can see replacing them sooner since AF’s are some of the launch 77Ws and some of the oldest flying.

Wonder if KL will get any though since a few years ago when they moved all the 350 orders to AF and all the 787s to KL for more fleet commonality

I’ve had a feeling of AF-KLM going for Airbus for such massive order this time. And defo replacing their 772/330 for KL! Not sure if there is still any chance to paint their newbie in the KLM Asia livery

Yet I do wonder KLM’s fleet is extremely diversified comparing to AF, a bit wired for me if they’re in the same group companies…

15y isn’t very old for a plane, I know. But some of KLM’s B772 are close to 20y so the company has to look out for renewing these birds. I don’t see the KLM B77W’s leaving the fleet in a near future.

I was talking about the 77Ws, I know the 772s are definitely getting replaced.

Wonder if most of the 350s go to AF and they transfer the current AF 787s to KL? Always been a bit weird how AF has a bunch of 350s and then a small sub-fleet of 10 789s.

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