AF KLM LFPG fly out Expert Server

Was controller on the expert server August 11, 2022 around 1700z when a @AF-KLM_VA group came for a LFPG fly out.

That was a nice gig and I want to tell all the pilots involved that they were pretty professional!

Thanks all! Safe skies!


Thanks so much!

And the service was great, and also happy to learn about your Discord server, by which we had a ATC again at the event the next day!

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Was my pleasure!!
Feel free to request again! Your group flights are so great!

Thank you for your compliment! I want to thank you for your great service!

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Was a real nice experience!

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OK I’m not good at Timelapse and all that but…

Here an “Airport WebCam style” one of your party…

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