Aerovie- great EFB app with IF!

Aerovie (only on the IOS app store) works great with IF. The basic version is free, but pro is available for additional features like synthetic vision and geo-referenced plates. Below is a screen shot of the app connected to IF. Enable Foreflight connect in IF and listen to flight simulators in the Aerovie settings. Check out

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Umm, what is this app supposed to do?

Similar to foreflight just much less expensive :)

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Can you include more content in your post so we know what you want to say? Thanks

Is Aerovie even compatible with Infinite Flight?

More description please… we have no idea what it does.

It the exact same as foreflight, It’s compatible with infinite flight it will track your flight progress real time with a chart overlay it will also help you complete flight planning, if you pay the $60 for the year it will give you synthetic vision, it shows traffic from infinite flight on the overlay and also weather. Think of it as a cheaper Foreflight! There is a basic version that track. It also has all the charts.


It seems some basic education would be helpful for some people. An EFB (electronic flight bag) for real pilots is a tablet with an app that has preflight weather planning and all charts needed for a flight. This replaces the flight bag (like a big suit case) that pilots used to carry with all paper charts. Some of these apps are: ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, FltPlan Go, Jeppesen Mobile FD, and Aerovie.
In Infinite Flight, you can use ForeFlight or Aerovie on a separate phone or iPad and connect over WiFi. The EFB app will display your position, like a moving map. They have other capabilities, like showing traffic or synthetic vision. It’s a great learning tool for those aspiring pilots, as you can learn to read actual aviation charts and use the preflight weather tools.


thats why I said its exactly like Foreflight, both apps were designed for North America in mind.

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