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-Welcome To The World Of Infinite Possibilities-

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Adobe_20180320_214115 Our Mission Statement  Adobe_20180320_214115

Welcome To The Aerosync Group, a team of the most skilled and unique pilots to be found anywhere on the forum.
The AeroSync Group is the most successful Virtual Organization in the VA branch. More than
170 pilots decided yet to enter our progressive aviation group, a number that continues to climb as be push higher and further.
Our high recognition value is supported by the fact that we were victorious in;
6 out of 11 Virtual Airline Awards categories, an overall rank 2 result, voted by the community, 2016.
Best Fictional VA and 4* VA, also voted by the community, 2017
Ever since the beginning of Aerosync, we have arrived for higher levels of activity and professionalism, bringing new and unique ideas to the table, featuring some of the highest activity levels in a VA, and also some of, if not the most skilled pilots to be found on the Forum.
Our mission statement is quite simple really.
To be the best of the best.

We   Are   10f1a572dcc3e3007dfd1d87b06b1e8301592319_1_690x347   Approved

Adobe_20180320_214115 Who We Are Adobe_20180320_214115

November 2016, a very eventful year. It was around this time, Founders Dream Pilot, Overspeed and Captain_A were engaged in talks about the formation of a flying group, the possibility of becoming the biggest VO was fixed in their minds
6th November 2016 and Aerosync was born. After a few weeks of starting up, applications for this new and unique group started to roll in. Day by Day, week by week, Aerosync continued to grow larger.
Come August 2017, Aerosync had reached unprecedented levels of activity, it’s Raptor Squad a group of Infinite Flights Most skilled and dedicated pilots, a symbol of unity and passion.
Come later in 2017, it was a sad day as Overspeed and Captain_A left Aerosync due to personal reasons, leaving Kirito_77 to keep the bird alive. Events were planned, recruitment on high form, discussions with potential partners were all done in a desperate effort to keep Aerosync alive, to no avail.
In early 2018, Aerosync was struggling to find its feet. Coping with the loss of many influential members, on the edge of breakdown. It was at this time that the CEO approached 2 other flying groups to see about the possibility of a merger, to see what could be done to save this group. In stepped Dynamx and Osean Defence Force, who migrated into the aerosync slack and discord. It was at this time the group went under a slight rebranding of The Aerosync Group
To this day, Aerosync cooperates with these groups, flying together as one massive team.
To this day, Aerosync is still the most recognised Virtual Organisation present.
To this day, Aerosync exists, stronger than ever.

A complete timeline, written by Overspeed with inserts from Kirito_77

Adobe_20180320_214115Mid November 2016Adobe_20180320_214115

The launch of AeroSync Aerobatic Team with DreamPilot as founder and Ovsp as Chief Coordinator. We both had zero idea and zero experience at a time where there were many, many other Virtual Airlines. At a time, where there was no IFVARB, no officials and just pure competition who does best. So, we started. Later that day, we noticed that our idea seemed to go ham - getting several people on board in the first few hours of being alive. We determined not to give out any staff positions, what for actually, we could handle everything ( except the media ) ourselves. This shouldnt change for quite a long time.

Adobe_20180320_214115 The immediate following days… Adobe_20180320_214115

We started collecting members, naturally the members applied, we introduced training routines, set up entry tests ( the Hawk and Raptor test in this form still exist today ! ) and chose our main base, KRFD Rockford. Soon, by request of our members, we transitioned to slack, the same we use today. Many have come, many have gone. It was the main aim to kick inactive people instantly, only an active group of pilots can train and perform on a high level.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Late November 2016Adobe_20180320_214115

AeroSync Aerobatic Team launches its YouTube channel. With no video editor. Any try to hire somebody failed ( until today ), because we werent satisfied with the quality. Watching the Intro Video which we created back then, I have to say it wasnt a great video, but still better than a lot of creations of the competition we had at this time. Also, AeroSync was screened by the IFVARB and was surprisingly chosen to be the 3rd best Virtual “Airline” of Infinite Flight. This was a huge step. More and more, I grew into my position and got better and better at managing the team and the people working around it. Tasks got more and more, hold training sessions, review applications, keeping the thread updated, keeping YouTube up and running and working the website. Nice tasks, which I loved to do. Then it came - the first request to perform an airshow. We were super hyped and began to train a lot for it.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Early December 2016Adobe_20180320_214115

Member numbers skyrocketed at this time, we wanted to maintain our healthy chat tho, which meant we would have to limit our member numbers. So did we. The service for the pilots should be the main focus - the more members it became, the more I was held back at office work for AeroSync, instead of flying for what we created it for : The challenge of flying. The original reason of why AeroSync Aerobatic Team was created, was to have something else, a difference to what there is.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Mid December 2016Adobe_20180320_214115

AeroSync Aerobatic Team - Cargo Division was introduced. Originally, the Cargo division should only go for “Spare part flights” and “transport the actual demo-aircraft to the airshow airport”. It wasnt developed at all, and we figured people didnt like this division so much. Just a few back then signed up for it, and it wasnt a big focus. Then the airshow came, our very first airshow. And how awesome it was, people congratuled our team on how well we executed what we have trained, nobody had seen anything like it before. Flights of 2, 3 or 4, sure. But coordinated aerobatics ? “Holy moly, that was crazy!” and “AAT killin it” were some of the quotes I remember. Also, people came, people went, at this time, we didnt reinvent us new, lacked innovations. Staff positions were assigned, there wasnt much to do for a member except the 30 minute daily trainings back then.

Adobe_20180320_214115 January 3rd Adobe_20180320_214115

I was sitting at the drawing desk for a while, to announce some future shaping changes to AeroSync. They had to be done, and at this date, they were announced. Team Viper was born, our F14 demo team, flying a way more stable jet with brakes ( extremely important for formation flying, believe it or nah all formation team members of team raptor fly with flaps 5 enabled all time to adjust properly to the lead aircraft ). We established time zone teams, which never worked and were screwed later on. Also, the AAC division, known as AeroSync Air Cargo today, was fully established. We adjusted and updated our Intro Post frequently, to keep all changes on its place. I stated back then “The first months were awesome, now lets become more awesome in 2017”, and so did we. But not instantly.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Mid January Adobe_20180320_214115

Changes applied, but our activity was very low. 1000 messages in slack per week, approximately 600 of them in dms and private channels, few in public channels. I knew we were in rough times right there, plans were made to resize the group around 5 or 10 core members. However once again, I didnt leave AeroSync to die, and took on one of the hardest missions. I made videos, with risen quality, started new formats, revamped the website, updated and worked and worked. I motivated VA members by private messages, told them how important they were for us. Did this help at that time. I dont know. At this time, we went into the planning stage for our first very own airshow. We planned with a global release back then early, however wanted to be save and have it in Canberra. An airshow, where also the community should attend and in the end maybe consider joining us, if we performed well.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Late January Adobe_20180320_214115

Still, we didnt have the greatest time since beginning, but we slowly started to catch up again. Muba and I invested a lot of time, getting our media presence up and motivate members to achieve the next level in the group. Our logo was born at this time, and its still awesome and has a high recognition value in the community. 2 days after my birthday, I was betrayed by one of our members. I have done something considered industrial espionage, where I was going here and there in all different kind of VAs in order to get ours on a good axe again. Until, well, I was betrayed and I was faking a step down to let the situation calm down. In the end, a total overreaction by the ones in charge. All “they” wanted was to destroy AeroSync. Everybody knows that - but I didnt let that happen.

Adobe_20180320_214115Early February Adobe_20180320_214115

We collected new wind, havin gone through a very rough time. But as you know, an arrow needs to be pulled back before released, and everyone who tried to shut us down and harm us, was now just in the direction where our arrow would fly. We went totally crazy, pushing the next level with our aircraft, introducing our most famous maneuver which is called “The Harrier”, which even out of our Raptor team only 3 pilots are able to perform. This maneuver is still often requested in airshow bookings, its simply amazing, also to perform it. Further, we had a look into our Cargo division. We figured we need to do something special with it. Since I love challenges during flying, why not also have that in the cargo division. Long nights of calculating - and our cargo routes ( a lot were added since then ) were established. Whats so special about them ? Well, AeroSync Air Cargo only flies to the most crazy airports and most challenging approaches which are out there. Period. Anybody looking for a real challenge is the pilot we search for. Having a look through our routes, it fulfills me with excitement being finally able to fly these. Another aggressive move was to introduce a whole new division at that time, the TCS, better known as Tomcat Shuttle. A service, which is lightyears ahead of any competition. The only things to beg for is A/P on fighters at this point. Lets move on.


We were all about the media, going onto the next level. Intros were improved, new videos were pushed. We were going in a good direction. No doubts. Because of that, I thought again. There was something, that AeroSync didnt cover really. That was “something” with passenger and aircraft. I didnt touch any airliners for quite a long time, since they bored me a lot before. Flying the first time expert instead of Casual again, something inside me changed. We needed a division for pilots who enjoy being an airline pilot. But how would I pull it off with my team ? How would we make it special ? Since AeroSync doesnt want to be just another VA, but something outstanding, special, we had quite a lot of arguments. Peaking at 7500 messages in one week in slack, things were serious. We sat down, and created AAP - AeroSync Air Passenger. Choices had to be made. What do we do with it, where do we fly, which aircraft should we use, which bases and hubs are good, which details do we wanna add, which features should we have, what badges and flight time do we want to see, how do we attract the people to fly for us and not for any other VA? We chose to fly to the most beautiful destinations which are out there, with peoples favourite aircraft. Not too many ranks, a quick access to the aircraft, so that pilots can choose to fly routes from the full spectrum we offer. Also, we got a lot of positive review from the community. Comments like “I absolutely love the organization and incomparable dedication from AAT since day one…” were the fuel why we worked so much on AeroSync. Even comments from other CEOs, like “This virtual airline knows how to treat its customers and pilots right! You will enjoy being with them.” were super healthy for us. The name was changed to the one we know today as well : The AeroSync Group.

Adobe_20180320_214115End March Adobe_20180320_214115

AeroSyncs arrow, which was released earlier, was still climbing and should get another push. The VA world was shuttered by a shooting of a member, of a VA which proofed to be a rival to more other VAs than just to us. Luckily in the end, the incident wasnt real, and we collected more and more wind with our humble and honest way to lead and present our VA. No lies had to be made, no false claims and fake marketing had to be made and still has not been made to date, just the true honesty of us all has brought us to where we are today. There is no necessarity to do such things as well, we are happy in the boat we are, and so are our pilots. The workload increased and increased, without me noticing a lot. I just did almost everything at once, consuming a lot of time. But I liked it. Surprisingly, deactiving inactive accounts on our slack list, the Co-Founder was found as inactive. Weird, I thought, however this proofed that I was the person that handled it all. Some time before I also was “promoted” to the CEO position, after several members asked for my promotion actually. I cant really say I worked my way up tho, however I have the feel that it was just right. I was doing the work before as well, however the title was just missing.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Mid/End AprilAdobe_20180320_214115

Work was being done, updates were made, minor improvements. Then something new came, the 2017 “Virtual Airline Awards”. I was really not sure what to think about it, also I wasnt sure if it was a good idea to be featured there. But before I could look, Misha had announced in the thread that he for sure thinks AeroSync can get many awards there. Out of curiousity, I went with the statement and was surprised so many people suggested AeroSync in the thread. Eventually, we should win every second award of the voting, finishing at place 2 overall. What a success for us ! We started to bring some fun race events at this time as well, which were so nice obviously that there werent any gates left to be assigned for the people wanting to attend. Also, some pilots were already breaking every boundaries of flight times, meaning we had to add 60, 100 and even higher pilot hour badges. Awesome to see that our work is being appreciated by the most important people in our organization, the pilots.

Adobe_20180320_214115 May Adobe_20180320_214115

For the first time since a quite long time, a new member was promoted into the Raptor Team : Alec. Ironically, his examinator was the most recent member to have joined AeroSyncs Team Raptor. With the announcement of the MD11F, we decided we wanted to have that aircraft and began on collecting ideas how to implement it. Also, switching the aircraft leasing partner to UPS instead of DHL, we added the A330-200F to our fleet of cargo aircraft, operating only UPS liveries now. Further, we saw the necessarity to add another auxiliary hub in Queenstown, NZ. I also started to rework old, important videos and get them into a higher quality standard. As of today, many people appreciate the editing work done highly, which is my fuel to keep the videos coming. “That Harrier tutorial is leaving me speechless” - my kind of fuel to work. Members kept coming on almost a daily basis, and we couldnt really do better than that. Our arrow we shot, was still climbing, with a lot of backwind from our awesome pilots.

Adobe_20180320_214115 June / The Step-Down Adobe_20180320_214115

Currently, we have a lot of active pilots, are full of new ideas and concepts and have a lot to be worked on. However, this will not happen with me and my friend since day one, long time COO of AeroSync captain_a. We have gone through a lot, although basically not doing anything during his stay as COO, but it was cool, I handled it all. Recently, the workload with the VA has become too much. Handling media, logs, YouTube, IFC, IFVARB, trainings for Hawk, Viper and Raptor, recording, cutting, keeping members busy, giving promotions, handling staff, features, updates, and so much more is just taking too much time. I have done all of this at once, AeroSync consumed so much time of me, 4, 5 or 6 hours a day, it isnt healthy anymore. With summer beginning, vacation coming in several days, and real life obligations, graduation and working and moving it is not handle-able anymore. This is why my former COO captain_a and me decided on our new CEO and COO long ago. Matteo and Jet_Air will be forming the new Senior Leadership Team of Infinite Flights The AeroSync Group. We give the VA over at a point, where the arrow is reaching the peak of its parabolic flight. We are sure, that with a lot of effort these 2 guys who are long term members with staff position experience can lead “the shed” ( as we call AeroSync in the staff channel ) into a good future, with new ideas and new features, and transition AeroSync well into the biggest update to come : Infinite Flight Global. Notice, that captain_a and me will still be around and take over some minor tasks within the VA, but not the general management. Both of these 2 guys, my fellows and very good friends how I honestly call them by now, will grow into the positions they have just like I did.

Adobe_20180320_214115 July Adobe_20180320_214115

AAC and AAP Divisions have been given to Kirito_77 who is now overseeing a good 1/3rd of the VA. Matteo is keeping Aerosync running strong, and the presence of overspeed and Captain_A is always appreciated. Aerosync is still growing strong, and shows no signs of weakening

Adobe_20180320_214115 NovemberAdobe_20180320_214115

Kirito_77 replaces Matteo as CEO of Aerosync and Captain_A/ Overspeed announce their full resignation from Aerosync, pioneering a unique Aerobatics team. Aerosync soldiers on, at a slower pace than usual, but life continues. Aerial refuelling planning is in its very final stages and is 99% ready to go

Adobe_20180320_214115 December/ JanuaryAdobe_20180320_214115

Progress has slowed for the Christmas and winter breaks. The MD11 has been successfully integrated into both AAP and AAC fleets and aerial refuelling is full on, high impact. Intensive training sessions for multiple Aerobatics displays ploughs on. A new staff team is established at Aerosync and the members have remained as faithful as ever.

Adobe_20180320_214115 February/ present dayAdobe_20180320_214115

Merger with Dynamx and OSDF breathes new life into Aerosync as Overspeed returns once more. Awaiting the release of the CRJ, Aerosync reworks it’s IFC thread completely along side a reshuffle of the staff team. Activity levels and applications are perking back up again, the prospect of returning to former glory restored.
-Such is the present state of Aerosync-

Adobe_20180320_214115 The Divisions  Adobe_20180320_214115

One of the many unique parts of Aerosync is our
divisions system.
Pilots are not just limited to 5 aircraft on boring A→B routes, but have the freedom to choose between simple long hauls and challenging short hops.
In the past, Aerosync featured an Aerobatics division, currently undergoing an overhaul.
As of this moment, there exists a passenger and cargo operating fleet which pilots have free reign to switch between.
More information is included below.

AeroSync Originals

AAP- Aerosync Aerial Passengers


The AeroSync Air Passenger Service is the third but fastest growing sector of the AeroSync VA. Internally called the AAP, this division focuses on the most beautiful destinations around the world. This, and only this, was the goal when we sat down to create this division - you can imagine how long we sat down to create a routeset of this kind - literally unsurpassed. One of the main goals of the whole AeroSync Group is to give you a sense while flying, a purpose, a challenge, a mission, something to do and to experience. To give you that extra dip of crème on top of your cacao.

The routes as mentioned, are unique. Essentially, we operate routes between 35 minutes in the short haul class to flights with up to 18+ hours. Our destinations are spread all over the world, they reach from Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf to the Seychelles, to the Canary Islands, the beautiful islands in the Australian Great Barrier Reef to Majuro, Cancun, Nice, Socotra, Lahore… We have it all covered, from beautiful city approaches and departures to remote islands, to multi stop routes. We operate just everywhere, where its beautiful to look out the window !
For a complete, interactive routemap, visit

The fleet is our next highlight. We dont operate cheap and boring “Generic” liveries. We hate them actually. Thus, all of our aircraft have a dedicated blue livery, in a dedicated blue swing, and everything is blue from inside and outside, blue his badge and some blue little stripes. Soon you will feel it too, I’m blue da ba dee da ba die… Obviously joking here - however we are proud of our unique way of utilizing blueish liveries, the fleet listed is listed below :

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
Airbus A318
Bombardier CRJ (Pending Release)
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 787-800

We request rather less hours than extremely high hours for you to accomplish to fly our AAP aircraft, due to the fact that we want our pilots to experience all these beautiful, stunning approaches rather quickly instead of having required hours as a big hinderance.

AAC- Aerosync Aerial Cargo


The task of AAC pilots is basically easy - transport goods. If there werent these ridiculously hard approaches, it would be considerably easier:
Our route network features all of the hardest approaches around the globe, handcrafted by our members and expanding every day.
Whether you’re weaving between a range of mountains, or tucking away for an ultra long haul, AAC always has flights to suit your individual needs.
Heard of Kai Tak ? We consider this an easy one. If you are looking for challenging flights, this division is for you.

Training is always available for any pilot that wishes to learn; our elite team of dedicated Cargo pilots are ready and willing to give you everything you need, from basic approach and landing training from assault departures and unusual approaches.
Aircraft Base including

Cessna C208
Lockheed Martin C130J
Boeing 757-200F
Airbus A330-300F
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Boeing 747-800F

We may train you in the little C208, but do not be fooled. That may be easy, but the rest is not. Only the most daring pilots choose AAC. Have you got what it takes?

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

At Aerosync, the MD-11 is a very special aircraft to both the staff and pilots.
When the aircraft was announced, within days of our knowledge, we had prepared extensive routes and training for this aircraft.
It is also Further utilised as it is the only Aerosync Aircraft that features in both divisions. Unlike with other Aircraft, pilots have no restrictions on the MD-11.
There are no set rules or routes for this Aircraft, and once the suitable flight time has been achieved, pilots can fly the AAP MD-11 on any route of their choice regardless of the length! This is another incentive that allows Aerosync to stand further apart from its competitors.

Adobe_20180320_214115 Our Staff Team Adobe_20180320_214115

In any Virtual Airline, you expect as much effort to be dedicated by the CEO as the COO and even the MLT members of staff, everyone has the same levels of dedication and drive.
The staff team has built up to be one of the most reliable on the forum, a combination of skill and loyalty that makes the following an honour to work with:

@Dan_77 CEO// Primary Owner// Instructor
@SilverSurfer// COO// Secondary Owner
@Etrain// Recruiter// Mentor// Co Leader
@DeltaMD88Fan// OSDF// Aerobatics Instructor// Co leader
@anon36571935// Recruiter// Mentor
@David_Beckett// Dynamx// Instructor

Aerosync is an ever expanding Team, and whilst there are no publicly advertised staff roles, activity and dedication is always rewarded.

Pilot Information

The information provided here is only a very small excerpt of the true AeroSync experience. In order
to explore the whole depth of The AeroSync Group, you need to visit our website. The website consists
of important information for member and non-member referance, such as interactive route-maps, fleet information, the join-formular, our gallery and much more.
As communication system, we use Slack and Discord, where we operate 2 servers.
At this point, we want to remind you that the leadership-team puts work into this Virtual Aviation Group - via slack you can reach out to us any time and you will get an immediate answer to your inquiry.

Adobe_20180320_214115 The Result Adobe_20180320_214115

The leadership team closely works around the pilots and their advice to the staff - in AeroSync
everybody can freely voice his feedback, concerns and wishes anytime. Lets hear some voices of
pilots flying for different divisions, with different ranks and different origins :

Bruno, AAT25
“Being in AeroSync is an amazing experience, very unique. Everyone is extremely friendly, I’m here
for almost 10 months and I saw a lot of awesome changes, I’m thankful to be here and to have a high rank !”

October, AAP65
“Unity, Teamwork and an extremely hard working leadership team, these are the things that make
AeroSync truely stand out compared to other VAs.”

Quenan, AAC63
“I discovered AeroSync by their youtube channel. The members are fantasic, you will see a lot of personalities! Chat is always active and slack storage full, professionalism and relaxing at one place.
Still asking myself how they found these destinations, too. Just take a look in the website, It’s worth it !”


All images// logos are made by Aerosync, Whilst this is not copyrighted, source credit and reference are greatly appreciated where images are used.

The Aerosync Group and all associated partners are purely fictional, all names and tags credit of The Aerosync Group. No intentional reference is made to real world counterparts.

All icons and vectors greatly appreciated and provided by Vectors Market from

Are you up to the challenge?
Find out what you can achieve at Aerosync


I am also very happy to show our first “new official event”, created by @DeltaMD88Fan who put an immense amount of work into it.
Hope to see you there!
IFEAA Airventure 2018 Hosted by The Aerosync Group [58 days remaining!] July 16-21


Looks great @Dan_77! Way to go


I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing group of people. Join us! We are constantly pushing our limits, defying the impossible but enjoying our time at the same time.

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Looks great!
I love this VA. It’s fun, engaging, and is a blast to be in.

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We have a sneaky route update on the way, ranging from extreme (!) himalayan routes to the probably most beautiful routes in existence in the carribeans!

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How do I join if I want to ?


If you go into the website, there is an application form under the “join” tab,
Hope to see you soon!

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Beautiful landing by one of our elite pilots @BrunoHeinsAAT at EGNS earlier

Also work is underway adding over 20 brand new routes to our database, a full announcement, including the changes to our ranking system are expected to be posted soon.
Kiro out 😎


Adobe_20180320_214115Week 2; PreparationsAdobe_20180320_214115

In the waiting period for the CRJ and the “new turboprop”, the staff team have been working hard to select new and unique routes for the upcoming aircraft. Adding routes into Kathmandu, expanding our Queenstown hub and even a couple of cheeky flights into Lukla, you can be sure that we’re more than ready for the new arrivals.
In the last week, our route database has had 26 new routes added, all handpicked by our members, ready to be flown by our members.

Our new weekly competition has started this week! This gives pilots the opportunity to compete in a friendly way to complete small tasks, varying from longest flight logged to best screenshots in a specific theme. Each week brings a new challenge, and each week will bring a new winner!

This is my entry, don't show anyone... It's a secret!!

Plans to revive the YouTube channel are also underway, We are still on the hunt for people confident in editing and video recording to join the media team.
Anyone interested in the role;
-Must have Basic knowledge of video editing
-Access to at least one solid editor (iMovie, Adobe, others similar…)
-Must be able to cooperate with the other staff members
I task you to send me a short clip presenting some of your work. It doesn’t even have to be Aerosync related, something to allow me to gauge your ability. I would love to see some response from this. I know there is talent out there, let’s make the most of it!!

Our new ranking system for flight hours has also been changed. The new ranks are as follows for AAP and AAC respectively;

0hrs - 20hrs;
Bombardier Dash8, Airbus A318AJC/ Cessna c208 and Lockheed Martin C130J

21hrs - 50hrs;
Boeing 737-900, Boeing 737BBJ/ Airbus A330F, Boeing 757F

51hrs - 70hrs;
Boeing 747-800F/ Boeing 787-800

McDonnell Douglas MD-11/ McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

As noted above, the Md11 has no specific routes. Once unlocked, pilots are able to fly literally any route with this aircraft, airports and range permitted.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, as always, our website is below, Hope to see you soon!



Here is a quick visual post of what’s been happening in DynamX
Directly after a recent DynamX training.

Another shot of our DynamX training.

Group flight high above the desert!

Night mission to provide supplies to one of the nearby military bases…


Adobe_20180320_214115Week 4; Waiting on our new arrivals Adobe_20180320_214115

Congratulations to @DeltaMD88Fan and @Captain_Zen for winning this week’s international screenshot competition, and a notable mention for @Etrain with his entry.

Our routes are in their final stage of being complete, and our amazing pilots are soaring farther and higher every day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, as always, our website is below, Hope to see you soon



Adobe_20180320_214115Week 8; A breath of new life Adobe_20180320_214115

As some people may have noticed, Aerosync has gone a little off the radar currently. Due to lack of interest, Aerosync has become a lot more quiet, whilst remaining more active internally, consisting of competitions, small events and pictionary.

To kick off the summer holidays, Aerosync plans to hold a flashback event series showcasing Pre Globals greatest regions, and within them their best airports (Including KNUC), an event series spanning upwards of 10 weeks.

Today we come to the community in search for 1, maybe 2 or an entire team of people, to lead this event to a successful conclusion. This has been announced in Aerosync and will also be available to all members of the IFC, noobs and elites alike.

More information regarding the release of the CRJ700 and a brand new set of routes will drop soon.

Aerosync. VO of the community, shaped by the community


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Adobe_20180320_214115Week 8; Quick Notice Adobe_20180320_214115

My apologies, just a quick update to confirm the closure date for events manager being;

15th of June

Good results so far, keep these applications coming!


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Adobe_20180320_214115Week 11; The Results Adobe_20180320_214115

After a day or two or consideration and comparisons, I have been unable to select just one event manager, and have therefore settled on a justified tie.
Congratulations to:

You guys have passed the application stage and are both welcome to join the Aerosync Slack. If you are still interested in this position, shoot me a quick message and I’ll invite you both as soon as possible.
Massive congratulations.

A quick note, in the following days Aerosync will be releasing an exciting announcement involving the CRJ, A10 and the resurrection of one of our most historic and exciting Divisions;



That’s all for this week, happy flying!



I would like the invite


AeroSync ceases operations. @Dan_77 was so friendly to let me have the last word on this Project, that I started November 2016. Actually, I dont know what to say at this Point. The VA probably has run its Course. Ive put countless countless Hours into it, still even during idle times.
Actually, what I really want to stress out is that I wanna thank some People. For the most part I was their public voice here, had to put my head against Things I sometimes didnt even fully support myself, that also got me into serious serious Trouble but, now we are here. I want to thank :
@Captain_A , my former COO and still good friend
@JGK00 , now inactive, however still in contact, former Viper Captain
@Matteo , also currently in contact, and former CEO under guidance
@Jet_Airways_995, the Pilot with the most Hours logged on here
@Nate_Schneller, my soulmate in the F22 and thankfully still on my side in #dnmx
@AdamCallow, Always supported me on technical issues
@BrunoHeinsAAT, one of my truest followers
@Mubashir, I dont Need to stress the importance of our bond back then here.

You guys were the guys that made me put months and months of continuous work into this.
Time Comes for everyone.

At this Point however, I also want to address my gratefullness towards the IFVARB. I know, particularly at some times in AeroSync, it was Rough. However in the end, we Always found a solution be it even that hard that it required back then. AeroSync shaped the VA Scene, the early steps and the child steps of the VA Scene here, now its grown up. The child can be for its own, has become mature. Now it can be released into a great future.

With this metaphor, I want to end the Story of AeroSyncs 21 months existance. Thanks to all fellow members, especially those under my Long time as CEO. Thanks to Kirito, keeping the shed together, and all People who invested positive Energy into this VA.

Founder of AeroSync,

edit. : Just for the sake of nostalgy
The first thread : NEW YEAR, NEW GROUP | New Hub, New Routes ! | AeroSync
The good old YouTube channel :


As of today, Aerosync will cease all Public operations. Over the years, a friendship and close bond has formed between the members, and therefore our slack group will remain open for anyone wishing to join, albeit under a rebranding.

I won’t go into full details, but this is a very brief apology to both the IFC and Aerosync, in which my personal Reality struggle prevented me from keeping Aerosync alive.

All good things must come to an end. Aerosync will not have a New CEO, and therefore it dies with myself and @Overspeed who will go on to pursue our own lives.

Whilst the end has been pretty much summed up, I want to give a special thanks to both @anon36571935 and @Etrain , both of whom had a massive influence on what was left of the VA.

Whilst I personally will remain active on the IFC, I cannot dedicate the needed time to this VA, and have been unable to find a suitable replacement.

This is the final Hurrah of Aerosync.
Thank you, and Goodbye.


Thanks for those fantastic memories you gave me. You guys were the reason I’ve fully mastered the F-22 and fly it as much as I do now


It’s sad to see you guys go. I know how much work @Overspeed, @Dan_77 and everyone else put into it.

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