Aerospace Museum of California

So a couple months back I went to the Aerospace museum McClellan airbase in Sacramento California, there were a bunch of old fighters and a retired 727, here are some pics I got:

These next ones were from when I drove my the airport today:

The A10 was hit by a SAM and still mangaged to land, and the B744 is the last 747 airtanker


That FedEx Boeing 727F. Oooooh the memories! 😍

I am sure you did enjoy your visit to the Aerospace museum. Very nice pictures and a good insight to see what’s inside!

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That’s just incredible. All of those aircraft are vintage now. Planes like the FedEx 727 were the heart and sole of their fleet back in the day. I sure miss seeing them fly over my house 🥺

That 744 though. Brings back memories


Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the F-14 and the other fighter jets that were there, I’ll get more pics next time

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Those are awesome! Very cool!

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Thank you!

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Awesome pictures!! Looks like it was fun

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Oh wow, that looks amazing :)

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Yeah it was really cool, I’ll try going back next week to get more pictures of the 727 and some more fighter jets

Place looks incredible! Gotta love seeing a 727, even if it is at a museum.

Those are some amazing aircraft right there. I love going to aviation museums like these.

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