AeroRepública Embraer 190

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Hello members and guests of the Infinite Flight Community! I am here to request this wonderful livery to be added to the Embraer 190. Why you may ask? Well if you look at the E190 there are only a few liveries on it. I think this AeroRepública livery on the E190 would look amazing! It would also add a new airline into IF. Even though it has the callsign Copa Airlines (AeroRepública) there are no liveries to correspond with it. And it would also make the E190 a little bit more popular (hopefully there will be a rework on it soon). Hope the community and FDS might consider this, Good day! (Colombians might like this one 🇨🇴)

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There is actually on the 737…

(also does this look suspiciously like UA to anyone elso?)


But great request though

Yes I know there is a copa airline livery on the 737. What I mean is that there is a callsign for AeroRepública but no livery for it. (Continental and Copa had a partnership that’s why they look so similar)


Ah, makes sense. So AeroRepública and Copa are different?

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Well they operate under the name Copa Airlines Colombia now. But they are owned by AeroRepública. Kind of like American Airlines Eagle and American Airlines. Eagle is operated by Envoy :-)

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Ah, so AeroRepública does domestic flights while Copa does the bigger flights with the 737s?

Exactly. You’d usually fly Copa Colombia after a long flight say from Boston to Panama. Copa colombia would bring you to colombia

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Well it’s about the airline…

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How many times I have to say this? I’m tired of this.

Continental Airlines purchased 51% of Copa Airlines’ shares, rebranding the airline’s corporate image. AeroRepública is a Colombian airline bought by Copa in 2005, by 2010 the purchase was completed and the airline was renamed as Copa Airlines Colombia.

Both operate separately, though they’re part of Copa Holdings S.A. The parent company.