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Hello, to post in #real-world-aviation (the category this belongs in), you must be TL2. Just keep liking, commenting, and staying active on the IFC and you’ll be there in no time!

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Hey I’m new to this forums. What is TL2?

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Hi @Naraindeep_Dhaliwal!

Thanks for posting, it’s a beautiful livery indeed! Unfortunately, as @KennedyTurner stated, you you must be Trust Level 2 (TL2) to post in #real-world-aviation.

Below are some helpful links for your journey here on IFC. You’ll get some information about the way IFC works, like the Trust Levels and the guidelines.

A Beginners Guide to the Forums

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

General Forum Guidelines

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Omg that has to he the most beautiful blue I have ever seen!