Aeronautical charts for taxiing

Hi does anyone know how to get taxiway aeronautical charts without being a pilot to use for infinite flight. Thanks.

Which aircraft are you planning to use these charts?

I mean taxiway charts sorry for being unclear

You can look it up on google I guess? I used Google Images or Flight radar 24 terrain map playback data to find the gate I should taxi to… 🤷‍♂️

Yes, you can find them on various places by googling “[ICAO] charts” (the ICAO code is the 4 letter airport code), or you can buy services such as Navigraph. :)

This is what I use for American airports

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check out navigraph. Not free, but well worth it if you want charts from all over the world.


I use go to pilot rescources and then Airports. Gives you even more than just airport diagrams

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In keeping with this-here’s a bit more advanced look at what you get from Navigraph

I’d recommend if you want ALL the charts for departing, arriving, ILS/GPS approaching as well as taxiing-and if you use Simbrief to purchase a monthly Navigraph subscription. It gets you every chart in the world just about, plus updated AIRAC cycles in simbrief. I’ll place some screens below for you.

This is the “charts cloud” which also has an app for iPad/tablets. I use it on my phone.

-every airport, searchable updated to current specs. With a favorites tab for easy access to favorites

-A “flights tab” where you can input your route of flight and it will automatically have those airports there for you to open the charts on a handy “pin board”

If you’re not THAT into it and don’t want to spend the money, I recommend and for US charts, and for overseas charts, tbh I just google and find the most updated ones I can find.

I hope this helps. Any questions feel free to DM me

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The above is certainly nice, but really you don’t need to buy anything. It’s the same with ForeFlight. It’s a wonderful tool, but you have to decide if the cost is something you should pay for use only in a sim. Generally the answer is no.

Airport diagrams can be found almost anywhere. As Mats suggested, Google “ICAO airport diagram” or “ICAO charts” will give you the charts without having to pay subscription prices.

All US charts can be found on FlightAware as well.


Here’s me landing on Infinite Flight with ForeFlight awhile back:

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