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That’s true but some people may not know that terminal 2 is for AeroMexico so give them some slack not everyone knows each airport terminal really well and what airlines use that terminal so can you really blame them if they spawn in a terminal were the airline their using dose not use in real life
in the simulator their is no rule that states you have to use terminals and gates that real life airlines uses


Hey there! Thanks for the PSA, but on Expert there are no rules saying you have to spawn at [set location that is used irl]. Some people may not know which terminal corresponds to airlines.

That’s the way it’s going to be for the foreseeable future.

If Needed (I put that in bold for a reason) check out this topic: Realism culture


That’s why I put this message

I don’t think you get the ‘realism culture’. Read the topic, not the title.

It’s a flight simulator, not real life, people are free to do what they want in the simulator, as long as it is following the rules of the game.


If you park at terminal 1 with Aeromexico you look really bad and you give a very bad impression

I’m pretty sure people won’t care if that’s what you think. It’s just a game, man.


Infinite Flight isn’t Realistic Simulator, People can spawn wherever, fly a Aeromexico plane in Dubai, even drive the plane on the ground if they wanted to. This isn’t a game where you have to be professional at all times, You can if you want, Not everyone will though.


We need to fly professional in Expert Server, but not realistic.

I don’t quite understand why is it annoying see people in wrong terminals.

If that really bothers you, feel free to vote in this request.


Nope, Delta, Copa, and Aeromar also use Terminal 2, and in very rare cases LAN, so your argument is both unnecessary and wrong