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Welcome to Aeromexico Virtual!


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Our Purpose

Aeromexico Virtual was founded on September 5, 2021. Here at Aeromexico Virtual, we seek to spread the love of aviation through Mexico on Infinite Flight. The region of Mexico on Infinite Flight is fantastic but very underrated and under-used. Aeromexico Virtual is here to help with that. Aeromexico Virtual’s primary goal is to change that, make a fantastic community of fellow pilots who understands how amazing Mexican aviation is and spread it even more across Infinite Flight.


At Aeromexico Virtual, we ensure that you, as the pilot, are happy with the Virtual Airline. We hire the best staff members possible and make fun events, group flights, the airport of the week, and a lot more fun! We want to make sure that you have a great group environment. After all, aviation with others is a lot more fun than by yourself!

Username Staff Position
@Helluu President
@Calditaa Vice President
Available Pilot Manager
@RichBrownGuy Routes Manager
@RichBrownGuy Events Manager
Available Recruitment Manager
@RichBrownGuy PIREPs Manager

Embraer ERJ-190


Operating Speed - M 0.71

Ceiling Altitude - 41,000 feet

Maximum Distance - 1,800 nm

Passenger Capacity - 86

Boeing 737-700


Operating Speed - M 0.78

Ceiling Altitude - 41,000 feet

Maximum distance - 4,000 nm

Passenger Capacity - 144

Boeing 757-200


Operating Speed - M 0.80

Ceiling Altitude - 42,000 feet

Maximum Distance - 3,900 nm

Passenger Capacity - 236

Boeing 777-200ER


Operating Speed - M 0.85

Ceiling Altitude - 43,100 feet

Maximum Distance - 8,889 nm

Passenger Capacity - 441

Boeing 787-8


Operating Speed - M 0.85

Ceiling Altitude - 43,000 feet

Maximum Distance - 7,305 nm

Passenger Capacity - 364

Rank Flight Hours Aircraft Special Unlocks
Trainee 0-1 hours ERJ-190
First Officer 1-29 hours ERJ-190, B737-700, B737-800
Senior First Officer 30-69 hours ERJ-190, B737-700, B757-200
Captain 70-149 hours ERJ-190, B737-700, B757-200, B777-200ER
Senior Captain 150-249 hours ERJ-190, B737-700, B757-200, B777-200ER, B787-8
Commander 250-499 hours ERJ-190, B737-700, B757-200, B777-200ER, B787-8 1.3x multiplier for every flight
Senior Commander 500-1000+ hours ERJ-190, B737-700, B757-200, B777-200ER, B787-8 1.5x multiplier for every flight

  • You must be 13 years old or above.

  • You must be at least Grade 3 on Infinite Flight.

  • You must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

  • You must have a valid Infinite Flight Community account.

  • You must be able to log at least one flight per month.

  • You must be able to access Discord. (Our form of communication)

  • You must be in good standing, suspended users are not eligible to take part in VA activity while suspended on the IFC or the IFVARB Blacklist.

Step Information
Step 1 Once you apply, you will receive a PM on the IFC from your recruiter within 48 hours.
Step 2 You will take the Aeromexico Virtual entrance exam which consists of 20 questions based on ATC communication and piloting knowledge.
Step 3 You have made it to Aeromexico Virtual!

@Andy @Infinite_Qantas - The photos in the thread and on the website

@skye - The banners on this thread

Does Aeromexico Virtual look appealing to you? If so, you can apply here!

@ 2022 Aeromexico Virtual

Aeromexico Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the Infinite Flight platform. We have no affiliation with Aeromexico or any subsidiary. All Aeromexico trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this site remain the property of Aeromexico.

Congrats! Good luck on the VA,


Congratulations and very nice thread, we are really happy to be partner!

Avianca Virtual


Congratulations on approval and a great thread!


Congrats guys, here’s to a bright future ahead 🥂


Thanks so much for everyone’s kind words! We are looking forward to the future 🇲🇽


Congratulations on approval and welcome to the VA world!


I wanna apply for this brand new VA as ima wait to apply for another VA :)

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We hope to see you here soon!

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We’ve had a great first 4 days of approval!

Total pilots: 14

Total staff: 5

Join us today if you’d like to fly Mexico!


Finnaly! One of the coolest airlines is an official IF VA. I joined and am already loving it! Route of the weeks, events, group flights, an amazing route network, stunning scenery, and a amazing livery, i feel this VA is already doing amazing!

Im happy to say im apart of the group!

I highly reccomend you give them a try👀


Thanks so much for your kind words, Deakin!

Aeromexico Virtual

A great shot was taken by AMVA Vice President @Jack.F!

Want to join AMVA? We host at least two events weekly, and we’ve already had two so far! We hope to see you here at AMVA soon.


What are the routes😁

Here is our database!

Que bueno volver a ver en el aire a Aeroméxico, formé parte de la anterior VA y solo tengo buenos recuerdos, espero de corazón que ésta nueva etapa sea aún más exitosa. Felicidades chicos.


I’m about to apply for this amazing VA :)



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Aeromexico Virtual Air Baltic codeshare event from


We are happy to announce that we have agreed to codeshares with @AircalinVirtual and @NewZealandVirtual! We are very excited to expand to Oceania, and look out for new codeshares coming soon. We hope to see you in Aeromexico Virtual.

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