Aeromexico Virtual I The Mexican Flag Carrier Virtual Airline

Thank you! It will be a pleasure to have you join us.

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Right now while most of the world is on quarantine is a perfect time to join us at AMVA!

Visit us and apply here:

We look forward to flying with you!!!


We are sponsoring the second Mexico City Fly-out, go ahead and request a gate.

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A great thread that inspired me to apply
When can I expect to hear back from a recruiter?


We have had some unexpected delays but we are now reviewing the applications. Sorry for the wait!

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Our apologies to the recent applicants! It was not our intention to ignore you.

We have been working on some internal restructuring and had to pause recruitment for one week, but we are now back and actively reviewing applications.

Muchas gracias for your patience and we hope to see you in the skies!

I have just applied! Can’t wait! 😃


I am pleased to announce that @Miguel_Lara has joined the Aeromexico Virtual staff as Flight Manager. Miguel will begin his position effective immediately.

As Flight Manager, Miguel’s responsibilities will involve working on the back end of our Crew Center, where he will be reviewing, approving and/or denying pilot reports (Pireps), among other things.

We are happy to have you on board. Bienvenido!


Thanks for the opportunity!!
Hope to see new pilots joining AMVA soon :)


If I join, will I be able to fly the codeshare fleet? E.g KLM, Airfrace and Korean air

The codeshare fleet is available as part of our rank system. New pilots can’t fly codeshare routes, but as you move up in the ranks, you will eventually start to unlock codeshare aircraft.

The exception to this rule is the Route of the Week, which is done in partnership with SkyTeam Virtual and allows every pilot to fly a featured codeshare route, regardless of rank.

For more information, please check our website! @anon41839488


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