Aeromexico Virtual E190 MMMX - KAUS

Good afternoon today our event manager @Kyle_stout had a quick two hour flight from Mexico City to Austin Bergstrom international in Austin, Texas here he shows the pilot perspective of a two hour flight on a E190🙂

flight briefing

Flight time: 1 hour 57 minutes
Departure Airport: MMMX
Arrival Airport: KAUS
Aircraft: E190
Airline: AeroMexico
Organization Aeromexico Virtual

I start off the day A quick walk around the Aircraft to make sure everything is in order for departure and to have a safe flight

We then began our taxi out to the runway it was a short taxi

We began our turn to the north

We cleared the clouds at 13,000

Before I knew it, we crossed the border from Mexico into the United States

We began our descent to 12,000 feet

We then got lined up on the runway There is very little to no traffic at Austin

The landing was a 9.5/10

We then taxi to our gate 2B at Austin Bergstrom, where we were made by a plain spotter and took a photo for us


Great pics!


Amazing photos good job!


Nice photos


Looks amazing! @FlyAeromexicoVirtual