Aeromexico VA first flight @ MMTJ 281200ZJUN16

Please join Aeromexico Virtual airlines in completing their first flight!

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: MMTJ to KLAX flying over (In order) KPSP and KONT

Aircraft: Aeromexico liveries (737-700, 757-200, 777-200ER)

We invite you to join Aeromexico, or, just have fun following our first flight! The flight will begin at 1700Z and take approximately 20 minutes to KLAX. The leaders of the event, me and the CEO’s, will have the call sign Aeromexico 648 (737),Aeromexico 660 (757), and Aeromexico 093 (737). We will be cruising at about 10,000ft while flying over the mountains, and descending to final approach at KLAX once we pass the mountains. No specific flight plan.
We will also need ATC! IF you are able to control either MMTJ or KLAX please do so!
Our website is

*The time has changed to 1700Z or 12 pm US Central time


Sign me in!

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