Aeromexico Trip Report

Here is the bird that will take us up to DFW today. What an amazing terminal view! I’m getting my last plate from the lounge before I head up to the gate to board.

Flight Information

Time- Midday
Equipment- 788
Route- MMMX to KDFW
Seat- 45A

What a beautiful takeoff! I didn’t even know we took off it was so smooth. Ready for a great flight!

Climbing up to FL360, seatbelt sign just turned off. Time for a nice drink and snack. Sprite and a sandwich will do.

cruisin and a nap

When I woke up we were turning onto final! I quickly grabbed my phone and took some photos of the flat scenery😔

Some heavy spectators as we touchdown.

Off into the terminal I go! What a great flight!


Looks so beautiful!

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Thank you!

Nice shots just saw you departing after me I was AA931

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I saw you:)

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Perfect photos!!!

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Nice shots, my favourite is the fourth shot.

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Thank you @RafaelPadilla and @Alvaro25 :)