Aeromexico takes over Incheon Int’l


I just landed in GPI from DCA via DFW, and I had a lot of time in the plane, so I edited some pics I had taken! These are from a flight that I flew with @RTG113, @ItsBlitz, partially with @ZinZowe and @USA_ATC. The route was MMMX - RKSI on the beautiful AMX 788. Enjoy!

Again, I was aiming for a realistic type edit, and I’m pretty happy with the results. The 787’s are definitely my favorite aircrafts to screenshot.

D e t a i l s

Route: MMMX - RKSI
Aircraft: B788
Flight Time: 15:30 hrs

Vibing in VC as Kammy waits 45 minutes for his passengers to board. Here we see Harry (Center), Rocco (Top Center), and myself (Left).

And here is my guy ZinZowe again, at his weird little remote stand. Weird person, weird stand 🤗

Banking out of la ciudad de mexico.

A shot over Kamchatka. Another thing that happened over East Russia. Harry (ZinZowe) disappears from radar, I’m guessing he committed some kind of crime against the Russian Government, so he was dealt with cleanly.

Me staring at Camryn, as we descend into Seoul

Above South Korea

Final approach into Incheon

Myself floating flaring, as seen from an aerial photographers heli ride.

Heyyyyyyy Roccooooo 👋

After losing both Blake and Harry, the survivors are parked at Incheon Int’l, deboarding.

That is all for today my fine avgeek friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. Let me know if you have a favorite photo, some pointers, or just want to tell me your favorite type of cheese. Till next time 👋


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Very nice pictures @Aviation108


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Plens look cool very pog taeit

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These pictures are very nice

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Not me having to leave the flight before I even got to cruise 🏃‍♂️

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Noice pics of Pléns

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Mexico plen😳

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Hey hey, that’s not true….for the most part…i’m pretty sure…maybe

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Thank you ahkhkhkmed


Nope no way man


Si señorita



He knows too much…

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Gonna send the Russian Air Force after me like they came after you?


What russian air force?

On my signal comrades


That is my cue to flee

Ok this would be such a better picture is cargo and passenger doors were operable.

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these look awesome!

Btw, when did you guys do this flight? I happened to do this exact route on this exact livery/airframe just yesterday, right before the 21.4 drop!

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Yeah……… if only

This was a week or two ago



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