Aeroméxico only operates on terminal 2! (MMMX)

(MEXICO CITY AIRPORT) I don’t know why people choose Aeroméxico on terminal al 1, they only operate on terminal 2 !

and delta

“Expert server”

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Well unfortunately some people just see IFC as a game and don’t care about realism that much. Hopefully some people who care will see this though. Some people like to spawn somewhere because it’s close to the runway regardless of he terminal/airline.

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Well when IFATC tells you to exit the runway to the left, what else should one do? Considering that the runways are very busy and getting clearance to cross would take lots of time. Either way, good observation.

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I fly realistically. Many do. But i will not spend time trying to find the exact terminal, and gate of an airline or flight. And not many will either.

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Just because it’s Expert server doesn’t mean that people will be like robots parking at the exact terminal and parking like in the real world. Expert servers have stricter rules with a more professional environment to fly in. It can be a problem for ATC because it might block certain taxiways used for exiting or holding short of runways.

Keep in mind this is a virtual simulator.

Anyhow, this is a good reminder for those that strive for MAX realism 👍

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it takes time but it’s not like it’s the hardest thing in the world, it adds realism to the sim :D

Yup, the quotes were only to highlight it wasn’t sarcasm, thank you

Thanks for sharing this information! Expert Server is all about flying realistically, that’s true. While there are many rules in place to make sure that Expert Server remains as realistic as it is, there are a few limits to realism as in every simulator. That’s one of them. Infinite Flight gives pilots the possibility to use realistic gate assignments but it doesn’t enforce it 😊