Aeromexico offers discounts to customers with Mexican Heritage

Hello everyone!

Recently, Aeromexico put out a promotion saying that they would offer discounts if you have or took a DNA test showing if you have Mexican heritage. Some think its a publicity stunt, some others think they are trying to increase tourism. Anyways, what do you guys think?


Too much effort for not much gain, in my opinion. I mean, what’s the purpose?


Don’t think airlines should go down the lines of basing your rates based off your race…

Imagine also if let’s say Lufthansa offered cheaper rates for ethnic Germans in America would people be happy? There would be outrage.


Exactly doesn’t make my already negative opinions of Aeromexico any better 😬. Not to offend anyone but if you offer a discount how about make it a sale instead so everyone can take part. You’re right it’s probably a childish publicity stunt though.

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I guess it’s an ok concept, but Aeromexico’s marketing department doesn’t seem to have any good ideas.


CNN went a little in depth towards the end of this article on why they might’ve did it

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If airlines started doing this it would great for me lol, I have ethnicity from like 8 countries…

But I really hope this is a joke and isn’t real, it would be ridiculous to offer discounts to be people of the ethnicity of the airline the country is from…


I think from reading the comments everybody’s missed the intended point of the advert

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Meh, I guess that’s nice but I don’t really see any benefits here.

It’s like JAL discounting Japanese people or Air France discounting French people. Not anything I like

To be fair though a lot of us Americans have German :)

what’s really funny is I’m half Mexican and half German, guess I’m flying out this year!

Fake News…the dishonest media…

Man, same race, but different country lol. This is a joke, seriously, I do not condone this type of behavior. On an actual note, this is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I think that this could even be considered “segregation” to a certain extent, because you cannot help your ethnicity. If anything, give a discount for people who take the test, instead of “matching” the DNA that could give you a discount.


I don’t see anything wrong with it personally, in business you gotta do what you gotta do to bring value to the market place, aeromexico is shooting towards a certain demographic which is those of Hispanic/Mexican descent, that is their business decision and business model.

I don’t see anything childish or ridiculous about this, if you don’t like it quit complaining and fly on another airline.

Your airfare under no circumstance no matter how innocent the intentions should be determined by your race.


Interesting business idea, but kinda unfair to be honest. As other’s said they shouldn’t base discounts off of your race. That’s like if Hawaiian Airlines only gave discounts to those who are pacific islander, and Alaska to those who are Alaskan native. Alaska does give discounts to those who LIVE in the State though but that applies to everyone.

This shouldn’t be seen as “race-discount” I guess.

I think that AeroMexico only wanted to show Americans, who seem to have certain prejudices against Mexicans, that their origin is not necessarily something bad. And to prove this, the people get a discount.

It was clever marketing move. This story is everywhere.


I don’t think knowing your origins is bad at all, I love the study of where I am from, I have spent hours getting into detail from where we are from. I’ve traced my family years backs kinda cool actually!

Now getting a discount on just the fact that you have Mexican back round doesn’t sit well with me, but I’m not in charge so that’s probably why my opinion wasn’t though, I do agree with you that this is an extremely clever market move and I am interested see how it does.

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Well it’s exaclty what it is, even with its good intentions it shouldn’t be acceptable imo.


When people get upset about such an action, they should also speak out against giving priority to nationals in jobs. If people are upset about such an action, they should also be upset about discrimination against foreigners in certain political programmes. When people get upset about such action, people should also get more upset about the persistent inequality between black and white people, man and women, …

I do not want to talk about politics here, which is why I don’t mention any names or countries. Policy debates do not end well in this forum as it’s not very transperent, and it gets confusing very fast when a lot of people get involved with different views and arguments. In the end, you simply have to think about where to draw the red line.

We are surrounded by meaningless inequality in our everyday lives, only because of our gender, race and ethnic origin. And such actions, like AeroMexicos now, simply hold up a mirror to our society. It shows us that we are not all so different and that despite this fact we are not as committed to equality as we maybe should be.

So called “Positive discrimination” aka giving certain indivuals in certain “disivantged” groups advantages is not the solution to inequality in society.

You’d struggle to find an actual modern day company policy that says (in developed nations) - Do not give insert disinvantged group job, maybe in the past but now you will find the actually the opposite is more common. We shouldn’t repeat the pasts mistakes and give legislative advantages to certain groups.

Equality of opportunity should be the goal not equality of outcome. Just because there are inequality’s between groups it does not mean that it is necessarily purely due to discrimination as commonly believed.


I think it is racist. Giving people discounts based on their skin color and ethnicity. This is not the way to go. Then again it’s AeroMexico. What if I am black or white with business partners in Mexico? You are telling me I wouldn’t get a discount for flying in and out of the country multiple times a month. They should go the traditional way. Give loyal customers miles to use on trips.