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Aeromexico - Mexicana VA
Welcome to AMVA
We are happy to annouce that we are recruiting pilot for the airline

Who are we?
Aeromexico - Virtual Mexicana Airline is one of the best virtual groups within the Infinite Flight platform dedicated to Spanish-speaking players. With a fleet of 6 main aircraft and 5 extras (not Aeromexico or Mexicana airline), important events, professional pilots that miles miles in the air with impressive skills, online group to maintain communication and miles of routes to fly .

Want to Join?
If you are more interested visit our page, go to the join section, fill de form and be part of us

Our page:

Do you have permission from the IFVARB to make this topic? Good luck!

I also suggest to change your website to English.


Whats IFARVB? How do i get the permission?


To make a VA on this forum, you must have permission from the IFVARB. I just happen to be an administrator for the board, so if you PM me we can get you sorted.

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