Aeromexico Makes the Longest Flight in Mexican Aviation History

Aeromexico has recently made the longest-range flight in its existence and in the history of aviation in Mexico. The route was a direct operation between Shenzhen International Airport (ZGSZ) in China and Mexico City (MMMX), with a non-stop flight of more than 14,000 kilometers with one of its 19 Boeing 787 aircraft, which is also the largest widebody fleet with Mexican registration that the country has ever had.

It is also the first time that Shenzhen connects with Latin America on a direct flight. It departed last Sunday, May 24, from Mexico City International Airport to Narita, Japan, where it made a technical stopover before continuing to Shenzhen. On the return leg, it took off on Monday, May 25 and flew directly to Mexico City, landing in the early morning of May 26.

The aircraft used was a Boeing 787-9 with registration N183AM. As I type this, a different B789, ‘Guadalupe’ (reg. XA-ADG), is cruising at FL410 above the Pacific Ocean, completing the same mission.

"We are in the most difficult crisis the airline industry has ever experienced, but in adversity there are also opportunities. I want to thank flight attendants, pilots, cargo technicians, maintenance, airports, ground support, training, administrative, and management teams for their support and commitment to continue flying and protect the wings of our Caballero Aguila ”, said Andres Conesa, CEO Grupo Aeromexico.

And he added: “I also want to thank the Mexican Government, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, airport authorities and all Chinese partners, as well as private companies for giving us their trust and support to transport these important supplies and continue writing new stories for Mexico.”

The airline will have more flights to Shenzhen, in addition to those already made to Shanghai during this contingency, in which Aeromexico completed 100 exclusive cargo operations this week, transporting medical supplies to 14 countries, with more than 1,400 tons of cargo, 3,600 flight hours, 1,300 people involved and a figure higher than 2.7 million kilometers traveled, equivalent to more than 67 trips around the planet.

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the airline established a financial strategy to protect its liquidity, to continue its operations, and invest in the creation of its new Health and Hygiene Management System, a standard that guarantees healthy and safety conditions for internal teams and clients in all its operations.

Sources: Aeromexico, GlobeNewsWire


Awesome article! Such an interesting long flight, but I think you mean Pacific, not Atlantic 😉

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Good catch! I’m tired 😴


Singapore 22 has entered the chat

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That’s a long flight by one of my favorite airlines! Felicidades Aeromexico


What does Singapore 22 have to do with Mexican aviation history? 😅


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Good, a new long haul that’ll be able to fit the time that I sleep for

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Because it’s the longest flight in the world.

We’re aware. This post is about the longest flight for Mexican aviation…

What was the flight time?

14 hours and 43 minutes


It should be noted that this flight’s achievement (‘longest-range’) refers to distance rather than flight time.

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That is a great achievement! Go Aeromexico!

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