Aeromexico Incident (Flight AM2431)

Very few details at the moment.

Aeromexico has been aware of an accident in Durango and we are working to verify the information and get details. Follow our official communication channels for more information.

Confirmed Information:

  • Aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff (16:00 approx)
  • Aircraft is ERJ 1190 with reg: XA-GAL, Flight: AM2431
  • Flight was carrying 97 passengers.
  • It has been confirmed that there have been no fatalities.

It said that it happned after takeoff.

First reported photo.


Oh no, not another incident! Hopefully everyone made it out, and the only thing harmed or damaged was the aircraft!


Have seen some reports that eyewitnesses have seen some passengers emerging from the aircraft, being able to walk. However this could be widely inaccurate given how little details have yet emerged.

What’s the call sign on it?

Is there a way we can find the source of your information? Not saying I don’t believe you, just want to see where the info is from.

Another photo, doesn’t look too good, hope everyone made it out okay.

Aircraft appears to be an Aeromexico Connect E170 or E190.


hope everyones ok from the aircraft

I looked on FR24. Aircraft had to be a E190. So by my estimates, we have an E190 for Aeromexico down

(First source I saw in the U.K.)


Yes I am going to say a prayer for them

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Oh no. That doesn’t look very good at all…


This year has been terrible in regards to aviation safety. I hope all on the aircraft are well. It’s a shame to see this happen.


Looks to be this one:

Aircraft are diverting:


Oh oh, doesn’t look good. Let’s hope that there aren’t many deadly vicims. Let’s pray for them and their families🙏🏼


Oh my gosh that looks really bad! I hope that everyone is alright.

Translated from Spanish, taken from:

This afternoon an Aeromexico plane crashed in Durango shortly after taking off. So far the causes of the accident are unknown.

The state governor, José Rosas Aispuro, said that so far there is no number of injured or dead.

Aispuro confirmed that the Aeromexico plane had 80 passengers.

The plane of the Mexican company left the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, in Durango, in the direction of Mexico City.

The first safety reports report that, after taking off, the plane collided with an object that caused it to fall.

The plane had an estimated takeoff time at 15:09 and arrival time at 4:50. The model was clutch ERJ 1190; the flight was AM2431 and with license plate XA-GAL.

Civil Protection of Durango is in the place of the accident to attend to the injured.

Some tweets:


I hope this isn’t a fatal accident


Ok guys, this accident happened not even two hours ago. Let’s wait until we have some valid and accurate information.

It doesn’t look good but we don’t have any confirmation yet regarding the number of passengers and whether there are any injuries or fatalities.

Let’s stop the speculations and hope for the best, ok?