AeroMexico from KDFW to MMUN

A little video I threw together since I took like 60 screenshots. Aeromexico 787-8 from Dallas Fort Worth to Cancún. Expert server, flight time 2:05. My route: KDFW DARTZ BRDEN TORNN BILEE 3029N/9608W TNV KLAMS KENGS KELPP KEHLI TABSA BETAS 2227N/8900W VOMAR AGNIX ALSEG EPNEL ADSUN CUN 2106N/8660W MMUN


Nice video and smooth landing!

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My home airport is DFW, so I don’t quite like the fact that you flew a 787 here instead of an E190.

But you flew to DFW, so it’s okay.

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Sorry ha! I know American Airlines flies the 787-8 into DFW but IF hasn’t included it on the -8 yet!