Aeromexico fires pilots involved in crash

Even if it wasn’t the cause of the accident, they still violated an Aeromexico rule or policy. While the firing may have been influenced by the accident, I would think that there would still be a punishment for the pilots even if there wasn’t a crash.

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This seems to be one of those unlucky incidents for the pilots. The evidence you all have shown makes it apparent that a crash was inevitable, even without any pilot error.

Moral of the story: Karma always strikes back :D

The one question i want to know is if the captain knowingly let this trainee sit in the seat without the proper clearance. That to me still as stated before would be the key factor. If he didn’t know and for instance if the third “im guessing training pilot” claimed or vouched for this trainee to be in this seat, possibly giving the captain no idea of anything wrong. This is just speculation but that is what i am trying to find through all of this. If he knew any of the violations then yes, in my opinion should have been fired, but if the third pilot was a trainer and basically said “its all good” then what would the captain do? I know this is speculation but as far as i can tell this is almost like a “sully” moment again but on land, if they went through the microburst and the captain took control he might have saved everyone on board but with an outcome that makes him feel like he did something wrong (if he didn’t know the trainee was not permited.) now this is sofar 100% speculation on my part, i just feel bad if he may lose his career in aviation for a reason that if he was not aware; to me, that would suck to be in his shoes & thats the only reason im saying this once again i am not remarking negatively in any way towards anyones opinions, & if i am misinformed sofar or wrong, then i ask to please inform me in a respectful manner. (Everyone has been great sofar i just have to ask.) thank you.

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But if it was inevitable, how was it karma?

No, I’m saying it was inevitable that they were going to crash after the micro-burst or whatever started.

Yeah but you also said Karma.

I don’t like saying this whatsoever but I do have to agree during the pilots were the right decision for AM and there safety rep

The cause in my eyes were Pilot error and that crash could have been much more serious.

It sucks that the pilots were fired but it’s the right move forward…

Like @anon7075715 said if it was inevitable, how was it karma,your reply didn’t satisfy the question.

I’m still confused 😐

@anon7075715 @Pilot_urp I was trying to say that the storm was karma since they weren’t obeying the rules.
Never mind… it was supposed to be a joke…

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