Aeromexico Ends/Suspends Five Routes Due to Financial Constraints


What’s going on?

Aeromexico’s Chief Executive Andres Conesa stated that the third quarter has been one of the most challenging quarters for the Mexican industry since 2008. This comes in effect to the high-rise of fuel prices, the overcapacity in the US-Mexico transborder market, depreciation of the Peso (the Mexican currency), and inflation.

Profits and revenue have been dropping significantly during the third quarter. The airline would have to make important decisions and fast.

Their Response

In response to this financial hardship, Aeromexico is either cutting or suspending a total of 9 routes in 2019.

The routes Aeromexico will be ending are below:

  • MMMX-KBOS (Mexico City to Boston)
  • MMMX-KPDX (Mexico City to Portland, Oregon)
  • MMMX-KIAD (Mexico City to Washington Dulles) sorry @anon57683537
  • MMGL-MMUN (Guadalajara to Cancun)

The routes Aeromexico will be suspending are below:

  • MMMY-KLAS (Monterrey to Las Vegas) which I’m pretty sure is already in effect
  • MMGL-KSJC (Guadalajara to San Jose, California) which I’m really sad about :(
  • MMMY-MMTJ (Monterrey to Tijuana)
  • MMMY-MMMD (Monterrey to Merida)
  • MMMY-MMVR (Monterrey to Veracruz)

In addition to the routes ending temporarily or permanently, Aeromexico will also retire some of its aircraft.

It will retire 5 of its aircraft:

  • 3 Embraer 170s
  • 2 Boeing 738s


It is not immediately clear of when in 2019 these changes will take place. All we know is that they will be ending or suspending these routes and 2 of their B738s and 3 of their E170s will be retired. Maybe they might change their mind XD (not speculating)(just a joke)(but a hope they do)


Ending Routes


After Aeromexico’s departure from KBOS, the only way you can fly to MMMX from KBOS is through the use of JetBlue, once it begins service in late October 2018.


With Aeromexico’s departure from KPDX, Portland will lose its only nonstop service to Mexico City.


After Aeromexico’s departure from KIAD, the only you can fly nonstop to Mexico City from Dulles is through United Airlines. At least you still have the nonstop route, @anon57683537.


Even though Aeromexico is ending this route, you can still fly from Guadalajara to Cancun on Interjet, Volaris, and Viva Aerobus.

Suspending Routes


After Aeromexico suspends this route, the only way you can fly to Las Vegas from Monterrey is through Interjet.


Aeromexico will suspend San Jose to Guadalajara. I wonder if it will still continue its summer seasoning service between San Jose and Mexico City. Even though Aeromexico is suspending this route, you can still fly to Guadalajara from San Jose using Alaska Airlines or Volaris. Aeromexico will still continue service to and from KSFO!!! TRIGGERED DANG IT KSFO!!!


When Aeromexico suspends this route, you can still go from Monterrey to Tijuana with Volaris or Viva Aerobus.


With Aeromexico suspending this route, you can still fly from Monterrey to Merida with Volaris or Viva Aerobus.


After Aeromexico suspends this route, the only one you can fly from Monterrey to Veracruz nonstop is through Viva Aerobus.

What do I think of this?

With Aeromexico’s financial distress because of rising fuel prices, inflation, and depreciation of the peso, I think it is pretty smart for them to end or suspend these low demand routes. Although it is sad to see routes getting eliminated, it’s probably for the best. For example, at KSJC, the only year-round service with Aeromexico is to Guadalajara (MMGL). KSJC-MMGL is also served by Volaris and Alaska. That means, Aeromexico gets competition from two other airlines on the only route they fly from KSJC. Although it is sad to see them depart KSJC, one can only hope they keep their seasonal service to MMMX (Mexico City) from KSJC.

Want to read more or see more details?

What do you think of this?


Oh my. Aeromexico is in REAL trouble. They had quite a crash a few months ago,maybe that could be the possible reason of less passengers? Also,it seems that Lufthansa and Aeromexico are suspending/ending their services,that must be really sad :(


This ain’t good, airlines losing money here, going bankrupt there. Aviation is just not shaping up well, hopefully we can have a better year. I’m sorry about KSJC, @BigBert10, I always chose San Jose instead of SFO “KSJC Stong!”

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All I care about is the fact that Denver is not mentioned once. I’m good 😎

The aviation industry sure is suffering…

There seems to be a cycle happening:

  1. There’s starting to become a shortage of pilots, even with airlines as large as Emirates (correct me if I’m wrong). Rising oil prices doesn’t help.
  2. Shortage of pilots = less planes are able to fly.
  3. Less planes are able to fly = Less availability to fulfill the airline’s routes, which means less supply for an ever-growing demand. (a supply/demand issue.)
  4. Supply/demand issue = rising passenger ticket prices.
  5. Rising passenger ticket prices = less passengers willing to fly.
  6. Less passengers = less revenue.
  7. Less revenue = less money to pay the pilots.
  8. Less money for the pilots = less pilots.

And the cycle continues.

Hopefully someone will find a way to stop this cycle before its too late!


The end of the Dulles service saddens me. Dulles has lost many routes, and even airlines this year. Primera went bankrupt, JetBlue is going with DCA, and now Aeromexico is leaving due to financial difficulty. Weighing all the routes gained and lost from Dulles this year, Dulles has lost 2 routes. If Aeromexico gets back up, maybe they could resume service!

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I am TRIGGERED. I love spotting at KPDX which is my airport. I am glad because Volaris offers 1 stop service to Mexico.

Yes! I agree with you about all that you said there is just not enough pilots to fly the routes so that they can make money and the airline can make money. But the less pilot the more pilot wages go up because right now at American their wages are really high for like the 738 the highest is like 250k with that the pilots are good but the airline is loosing money faster and faster because everyone is getting raises… hopefully more and more people will become pilots like most people here want to be a pilot so hopefully if we can fulfill our dream we can add and solve the crisis a little bit but we can’t do it alone though so… tbh idek

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One of the reasons why there is a pilot shortage is because the requirements to get up there are way too hard to accomplish. The journey to become a pilot can cost A LOT of money and training and practicing and hours, etc.

Not a lot of people want to do all those requirements. They also don’t want to have too much debt when they come out and in addition to that, when you are out with regional airlines, life is hard.

Whoa, cool it there! 😂

I’m glad that they are not cutting any of their seasonal services to KDEN.

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How can I be calm when KSFO is slowly taking the spotlight away from KSJC XD

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The dates for when Aeromexico will be ending/suspending the routes have now been released.

December 2, 2018:


January 7, 2019:

  • MMGL-KSJC sad

According to SF Gate and Routes Online.

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i cri evrytiem IAD loses an airline

You didn’t really lose the MMMX route. You could still fly KIAD-MMMX with United Airlines.

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I see your edit. SJC just lost 2 airlines, Lufthansa and Air China. We will also lose Aeromexico in January. SJC will be losing a total of 3 airlines. :(

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IAD has lost Primera, and is about to lose Aeromexico and JetBlue. A total of 3 airlines, too. But we got Cathay Pacific and Volaris, which is great.

RIP AeroMexico from Guadalajara to Las Vegas.

Sadly, in the Bay Area, Cathay Pacific only goes to San Francisco.

Hopefully Aeromexico revives MMMX-KSJC as they would be a monopoly if they have Mexico City to San Jose instead of having competitors going from San Jose to Guadalajara

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Like my previous post of me hoping for the MMMX route to be restarted from KSJC, it looks like Aeromexico has restarted the route

I think this is a good move because their one route from KSJC before, Guadalajara, already had competition from Alaska and Volaris.

Restarting San Jose to Mexico City means that they are a monopoly in the route once again

Today marks the first day the route operated with Aeromexico since August 31, the last time AM493 was in service.

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