Aeromexico Embraer 190

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About Aeromexico
Is the flag carrier airline of Mexico based in Mexico City. It operates scheduled services to more than 90 destinations in Mexico; North, South, and Central America; the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

About Aeromexico Connect
Aeromexico Connect is the regional airline of Aeroméxico operating Embraer E-170 and E-190 aircraft, with crew bases in Mexico City and Monterrey. It is headquartered in Monterrey. It operates feeder services to AeroMéxico’s hub airports. It is considered the biggest and most important regional airline in Mexico, offering more than 300 scheduled flights daily to 45 destinations in Mexico, in the United States, in Central America, and in South America. Its main bases are Mexico City and Monterrey and as well focus cities in Guadalajara, Leon, and Tijuana. Aeromexico Connect flights are marketed as Aeromexico.

The ERJ190 is one of the most important aircrafts of Aeromexico, since it covers the main regional flights in Mexico, I think this livery looks amazing in the ERJ190.

I really think this is a need when the E-Jets get a rework!


E-jets rework will be very good. It is a very good aircraft for regional flights and has a lot of good livery suggestion for them, like that one for example.

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That livery looks amazing 🙂 maybe ill get a vote for this.


I think I’ve seen this bird in Atlanta, although I could be wrong.

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You’re correct! It Flies from Monterrey, Mexico to Atlanta Hartsfield :)

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Yes please! We need more planes in Aeromexico livery on IF :)


Aeromexico Connect operates the second largest fleet of E190s in the world. It’s only fair that their livery should be added (and they are also one of the world’s largest E170 operators…)

Would love to see the E190, especially since I love doing intra-Mexico flying, aside from the fact that they are one of the biggest E190 operators

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Bookmarked this… I will vote if/when E-Jets are confirmed.


Wow that’s a cool livery on a 190!
Would definitely love this on a rework. If a 145 comes, This is a must have with Luxair…

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This a really nice liverie

I love it


Give this livery some life!

Nice!!! E190

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Voted!!! Another thing that Aeromexico needs!!!

Yes I flew this!

I did SFO - MMMX on AM737 and then I did MMMX - Managua on the ERJ170. Horrible service and weird stuff goin on but I like the aircraft.

Bumpimg this topic. This should be added when the E190 Rework comes

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Don’t know if it has much sense to vote for this right now as the Embraer family is not really important in the sim right now, but I’ll leave my vote for when a possible rework comes

Has anyone noticed the addition of Aeromexico Connect callsign to the sim? What could this mean??

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I think that was added quite a while ago but I can’t be sure.