Aeromexico E170


Crew: 4
Max. Passengers: 80
Max. Speed: 470 knots
Service Ceiling: 41,000 feet
Range: 2,100 NM
Length: 29M
Wing-Span: 26M
Empty Weight: 20,000KG
MTOW: 34,450 KG
MLW: 32,800 KG


Aeromexico was founded in 1934, and is based in Mexico City. It has a fleet of 67 and serves 89 destinations. It’s slogan is “Mexico’s global airline”, and with 5 subsidiaries, it has 13,000 employees.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Would love to see any updates to the E-SERIES but from what I’ve read in other posts the current aircraft in IF is so old (almost 7 years old) they can’t add a new livery unless there’s a rework.
I’m not absolutely certain of this, but just what I’ve heard but if I’m right; see link below to vote for a rewrork :)