AeroMexico DC-10

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Hello everyone! Today I am recuesting a very beutiful livery that is a must in Infinite Flight.

Here I represent AeroMexico’s spectacular DC-10.

Image credit: N10038 Douglas DC-10-15 Aeromexico | c/n 48275/358. At New Y… | Flickr

Why do we need this livery?

First of all, I love AeroMexico and the fact that we lack its liveries in the simulator. Only having the liveries on the Boeing 737-700, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 777-200ER, and the Boeing 787-8.

To add on that, we lack liveries on the DC-10, and it has NEVER, NEVER, NEVER been updated with new liveries since its addition in 2017.

I hope you guys vote for this feature and I hope that this will soon catch the eye of a developer in the future.


I would love to fly with that livery, very colorful


@Enrique_Fernandez don’t you agree?


Nice request, voted ❤️


I love the retro vibes this livery gives off!


Keep those votes comming!

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Aw man…
I’d vote, but can’t dammit…

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Ok who removed their vote?

Looks like we have an MD-11 fan…

Theres an Md 80 fan and a big Md 80 fan

Probably me

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You did request it

Yeah I did

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Anyways back on topic

I’m a fan of both, heck, I even want an analog cockpit for the DC10, but it just doesn’t seem right for a livery to be added to an aircraft with a static cockpit, not to mention that if the MD11 was given working instruments, chances are the in game DC (MD)10 will receive them too.

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Little bump. This livery is very important in my honest opinion. IF currently lacks amount of Mexico liveries and this is one of them!

Already we lost 2 votes :(

Ok. This needs to be brought up.

Colorful?🤔 It’s just three base colors.

A little bump. This livery is the one I most want when IF comes across a DC-10/MD-11 rework.

Ahh, I’d love to fly this retro one 🤤